REMINDER: TopGear 10PM Tonight (7/6)

10 PM

Discovery Channel

I love this show, so glad they’re showing it here. Should be a good one. The main event is a high speed train vs. aston martin :tup:

damnit you should have reminded me, i wanted to watch on a real television for once, instead of stupid low quality downloaded eps

the dvr is set to record all episodes :slight_smile:

Absolutely blows US videomags like Car and Driver TV out of the water.

That limey wanker host is pretty funny, whatever his name is… Good stuff, wish I had time for TV…

Thats sweet, mind if I borrow an episode or 2? I missed the chopper vs. exige episode alltogether and yesterday I missed the GT3 segment (gf just had to call in the middle of topgear :tdown: )

here’s their lineup, from the BBC.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy’s irreverent style turned the motoring industry on its head when he first appeared on Top Gear and now he’s set to do it all over again with this series.

A few things have changed over the years. The hair’s a bit thinner, the cowboy boots have gone and the Ferrari has been replaced by a Mercedes. Thankfully, though, JC is still more than capable of reducing car manufacturers to floods of tears with nothing more than a long pause and a few well considered words.

James May

James has been writing for car magazines - including Top Gear - for many years. Over that time he’s developed a keen interest in cars that are either very posh or very basic.

He admits that he’s not so good on the stuff in between and, as a bachelor, is ‘very poorly placed’ to comment on family motoring. ‘Jeremy can do that,’ he says. ‘He’s got a wife, hundreds of children, and a dog.’ He also likes motorbikes.

Richard Hammond

Richard, like so many before him, launched his TV career at Britain’s premier breeding-ground for fresh talent: Radio Cumbria.

He eventually landed his dream job as a TV presenter on a motoring show but, alas, the show was on cable TV where the cameramen regularly outnumbered the viewers. We thought it daft to waste all that genuine petrolhead enthusiasm, so we gave him a job on proper telly.

“thought it daft” :lol: That shit with the used Bentley was absolutely hilarious, because I’ve looked at those ads too and thought, “hell, a '68 MkII jaguar saloon for $21k, I can afford that, right…?”

its a DVR not a vcr its kinda attached to my house

Oh my bad, i thought it burned onto dvd’s

i prefered the wrc evo against the bobsled! :tup: haha

I like catching clips of it, its just very hit or miss with how they treat American cars. They love the Monaro (/GTO - not that its American per say, but our motor, tranny, and company), and the GT40, but bagged on the C6 vette terribly, when I think its only fault is its steering wheel. They couldnt drag race it either. Otherwise they do put on a funny show, and they beat the hell out of the cars.

Best quote ever was something like:
“Its a triumph of torque over intelligence”

yeah but they get to drive hot euro cars!!!1

I wish my job was to beat the hell out of a ferrari.

like 2 nights ago… evo vs bobsled on the lillihammer olympic course… so crazy hot.

and does the host have to keep mentioning how he has flown fighter jets and dropped bombs?

I want to see the GT3 roadtest/review portion from that episode so if anyone has a link/can send it that’d be super.

taht was a neat segment, there was a SHITE LOAD of drifting across the track. the course was wet so i dont know if they got a fair time. if i didnt delete it you can check it out at my place.


Episode with the 80s Toyota Hilux Diesel “Review” > Anything ever… Period.

They still have the video on the site. Best thing ever :tup: :tup::tup:


lol,,12529-1677058_1,00.html lol

i just noticed i was recording it! i love my dvr