Revolution to begin in CT?


Colorado is already handling their particular situation very well…Multiple successful recalls and a huge grass roots movement to restore their rights.

CA is about to become a shall issue state…

NY had multiple pieces of the safe act fail and there will be on going law suits…

I probably spend more time on firearms then you do btw

However it’s getting old listening to people who beat off to red dawn on a daily basis beat and pray they get to fight with the government over gun rights.


It’s already starting in CO


I hear your points. The difference is, I’m just posting the link for conversation. I’m hardly hoping for a red dawn. Aaaaand about the firearms, that’s a hell of an assumption.


Anything @theblue posts when it comes for firearms is epic failure.

My comment was directly at you anyways it’s just every thread on AR15/Nyfirearms or where ever turns into that bullshit.

People really forget how much better they have it in the US vs the vast majority of the world

Also gun ownership in the US is up and there have been a large number of national wins for firearms when you look beyond a few states making shitty laws.


Yeah, that’s why I didn’t even bother to respond to theblue’s post.


it just makes too much sense to piss off the moderates and then wonder why you can’t get the votes or my sympathy. And I like guns, I was on my high school skeet shooting team, and practiced at our indoor range from time to time.



California and Hawaii will be dead from Fukushima, guns won’t save them… the rest will follow.


Boo politicSUCK.