Revolution to begin in CT?



Lol, good luck.


If you want people to join your cause…don’t write a novel about it.


This stuff is annoying enough on the gun forums and now its on here


America is too much of a pussy to start a revolution. Let me know when you have a 1988 Toyota pickup with a .50 cal mounted in the back…then we’ll talk.


I’ve seen many people on many forums squeal in anger over ever tightening laws and the infringement on their lives, gun control laws being in the forefront. It seems every day you hear about another law being passed, or in the process, and shake your head wondering what foolishness would even allow this idea to be proposed let alone be presented for incorporation into law.

What I get out of this letter (very well thought out and executed I might add) is that people are being pushed into a corner and are tired of “big brother” telling them what they need to do, or not to do. People can sit back and hope their rights remain intact, or wait until they are taken away from them. I think no one will disagree that once a right is taken away, it’s that much harder to get it back. While most of this is focused on gun laws, what happens when a law becomes enacted that affects people on a broader scale? What happens if someone decides prohibition should be re-enacted? Sounds far fetched but does alcohol do more damage on a daily / yearly basis than guns do? What if sports cars are outlawed because they are simply deemed unnecessary and too dangerous and the ones that are already out there need to be destroyed once the original owner passes away (much like the “assault weapons” in the Safe Act)? May sound laughable but what do you do if it happens?

I think what they’re trying to say is that the BS has been going on and it’s time to say enough is enough. Will it actually happen? I hope not. Could it? Yes, and I think there are those who are simply sick and tired of being governed to death.


You can also look a number of court cases showing things moving in the other direction…

CCW is now legal in Illinois

9th Circuit decided CA should be shall issue




I’m still worried that most people don’t fear split infinitives enough.


I think it will just become an issue that defines state lines further. Like right to work or legalized pot…states are going to start looking more different and citizens are going to get to vote with their feet.


Second American revolution coming soon. Land of the free, I think not. More and more laws everyday, shits getting out of hand. One day soon it will come to a end, when people get fed up enough to stop it.Corporate America is fucking killing this country.


Well said Andy. This country is coming to a tipping point. Anyone that scoffs at this is living in blissful ignorance.


True, but I’ll be dead and buried before anything significant happens.


You can’t even get 60% of the country to show up and vote but you think they’re going to start a revolution? Lmao


This will never happen. Too many people are too comfortable with their 9-5 life schedule to care about going out and voluntarily starting an uprising. There are too many people willing to turn a blind eye because they do not want to be confrontational.


revolutions are won with money, not guns. The more I see things like this I’m glad they only have guns.


And to think that pockets of resistance won’t pop up is just as ignorant.


how would you define a pocket of resistance? it’s all bark, as soon as one idiot goes to jail the rest will go back to whining on the liberal facebook.


Let me clear this up a bit. I’m only posting the link. While I do believe a confrontation is coming, I don’t know how it will play out.


Over what? Gun laws in one state?

lol ok


Holy shit, think outside the box. Man, you really can dumb yourself down to try and prove a point. Try the north east, CA and CO.