rider down 7/10 4:00

was heading to colonie from albany today a few min ago and was riding from i90 to 87 north bound to exit 2 for colonie, as i approach the exit all traffic was at a stop and there are a few cars blocking the side of the road. rider went down and was laying on the ground in jeans and a motorcycle jacket along with a black helmet. there were a bunch of people hovering over him and cars all around parked on the side of the road. bike was a red and black cbr 600rr and it looked pretty new ( i would guess 08 and up ) and it was stood up by the guard rail, i didnt see much damage but the plastic windscreen was broken for sure. ive never ridden with this person but i hope he is okay.

Well, that sucks. I hope the rider is ok…

someone on here had one in red/black, not sure if he still has it though

I seen that too man, we must’ve been right by each other. Hopefully he’s ok!