Rider down 90/400 area

just cruised past this(845pm)southbound 90 right before the 400, lotsa cops n a tow truck, and accident investigation team, couldnt figure out what happened till i saw the bike layin in the road covered in extinguisher ish, the guardrail leading up to it was pretty tore up. judging by the fact that the scene was just investigators im guessin it had to have been bad. BTW couldnt tell what color the bike was besides maybe a dark color…maybe black and silver. Hope it wasnt to bad or any fellow riders here, check in

Lots of bikes out today and I still think it is too early to be out riding. We havn’t had a good enough rain to clear the roads.

was it on the 400 on ramp (long sweeper) or before the curve begins?

The bike was on fire, I drove past it in the other direction at 7:15 and it just must have happened because it was completely engulfed in flames and the cops weren’t even on the scene yet, people were getting out of their cars trying to direct traffic around it. It looked pretty bad, hopefully the rider is ok.

It was on the 90W about halfway between the 190 and 400.

word. …

i sold mine today

That did not look good when I went by in the other direction… Curious what happened?

Scott, geoff, zong, chris, tim? ect etc…

check in!

that sounds pretty awful

Im ok. Are you OK?


Just saw the news on channel 2, Dennis Rader age 29 was his name. He rear ended a car and unfortunatly passed away from his injuries. RIP.

of course it was some old fart probably tryin to merge last second and hittin his brakes.

RIP… i dont believe i knew him… i hate these threads btw.

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rip. and to think i was out riding yesterday as well

sad to hear…as much as I miss my bike…these threads make me not miss it a little bit

I’m all for going out for a brisk ride, but within limits. You cannot push the bikes hard in this kind of weather, it’s still cold, tires don’t heat up, cars aren’t expecting bikes to be out, etc, etc…

RIP, shitty.

As long as we’re making wild speculations, I’ll say it was probably another retard on a sportbike doing 50+ over the speed limit.

You don’t KNOW what happened. Neither do I. Wait for the police to at least release a cause before making statements like either of these.

The buffalo news said the driver of the car was 72 years old…

ughh sucks. Unfortunately roads will never be safe for bikers as long as there are idiots driving.

I observed 20+ people texting while driving while riding this weekend. The quantity and severity of distracted motorists is absolutely unreal. Just sayin’.