ruseFi - my open source standalone ECU

Two years ago I had too much spare time so I’ve decided to teach myself something new. I am a software developer, was always curious about cars and electronics. I’ve decided to build my own standalone ECU from scratch - the stuff I’ve seen is so not user-friendly that I think there is a place for a nicer, easier to use platform based on modern hardware.



This one has an LCD display on board and there are plans for a small joystick so that one would be able to scroll through the menus etc. There is also integration with the popular Tuner Studio online tuning software. 5 engines have puffed on this so far :slight_smile:

AKA TheRussian ???

How is this better than Megasquirt feature wise?

Also in NY you would only be able to run this on a OBDI car and most people use Megasquirt because of a large feature set(auto tune, anti lag, 2step, etc)

5 engines have puffed but none of them were tuned properly. One guy got busy with his health, another guy is too busy to play with all this. That’s the reason I am posting here - I am wondering if maybe someone in the NYC area (I am in downtown Jersey City) would be interested to play with this. I’ve got the software and electronics covered, but I do not hear nor feel cars good enough to tune them properly.

The only car which has moved under rusEfi - that’s back in Chicago some time ago:

Another engine:

So, maybe someone here would be interested to get involved?

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Right now this is definitely behind Megasquirt, but

The potential advantages over MS: this is GPL open source (older MS used to publish source code but the license was still proprietary), this is based on a modern ARM chip. Modern ARM chip means it’s simpler to write software which should mean it’s easier to build more features. I believe that error reporting and diagnostics could be much more user friendly then it is in current products.

But as I said - right now this is a pretty raw project.

Cool stuff checking out the code on the SVN now :tup:

I thought you were a spam bot from the first post :lol: I saw this project on kickstarter a while back.

Good job on locating the SVN :slight_smile: I guess it’s time to post some links then? and

I might still be a bot, who knows :slight_smile:

Super cool! Is there a link to a repo for this? I don’t see one.

The links are in moderator’s queue, can you google “rusefi” or “rusefi source code intro” ?

Links approved.

This is pretty sweet! I thought I was hot shit after making an arduino-based gauge system:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone here would be open to try this on his vehicle or help me with tuning my test mule once I get a reliable test mule. Right now that’s where I am hitting a wall - I am at the edge of my car skills.

Has anyone tried anything besides a 4 cylinder?

I might have a V8 to try it on but that won’t be till winter.

Not on a real engine. The firmware is flexible so it does not really matter how many cylinders you’ve got - I think it would control a 13 cylinder engine if you would happen to have one.

By the way there is a windows simulator of the firmware. Takes some time to set it up, but once you do you can connect to it with Tuner Studio and rusEfi own console - all without any real hardware:

If you ever want to fund the ruseFI project take that Windows simulator and have it emulate OBDII with readiness monitor checks along with VIN selection :lol:

I’ve lost a couple of month to a Honda sold to me with a blown HG and finally I have a functioning test mule

The plan for this year is to figure out cold start & put some miles on this vehicle.

We’ve recently got an inline-6 and a one cylinder running on this, looks like current average is 3.916666 cylinders per vehicle.

Just got the fully integrated board running yesterday - finally everything is on the same board, like a real ECU for adults. Still looking for local people to help me tuning all this - need feedback from someone who would know what’s going on with the engine and how these things are done properly.

I have no idea how any of that works but it looks like it took a lot of time and effort to figure out and build, so :tup: to that.

Finally racing debug for this ECU. The car was just running, running and running! The ecu has performed flawlessly. Now time to make it cooler than MS :slight_smile: