Russian women drivers FTL...

Got a call while at work today: some Russian woman visiting Strong backed out of her parking slot wide and nailed my car (which was parked in the “doctors only” area, as if that mattered). Her slot was on the other side of the aisle from mine and she must have been hitting the gas pretty hard backing out. She nailed two other cars - the rear bumpers of an X3 and an Outback - as well as mine.

Right now it seems like it scraped the heck out of my bumper down into the plastic (her whole driver’s side is trashed, btw). Now I’ll have to see if she even has valid insurance - I’ve never heard of the company. I just hope I don’t have to wait for parts from Australia again.

Cross-posting alot 'cause I’m pissed. Will post pics later when I’m done at work.


FUCK! parts from australia


This is going to suck.

Update - Here are some pics:

My car (not so bad, but will need refinishing at least) The spot under the taillight was pushed in, so I don’t know how much of the underneath structure/impact bar was affected.

Her car:

I hope to contact my insurance folks tomorrow.

fucking WOW, your car dont look to bad, but holy shit wtf was this bitch drunk?

That really sucks. Was the S4 next to you harmed at all?

stupid bitch

Nope - missed that one, but the X3 on the other side was messed up worse - his bumper was hanging down.

But on the other hand - anyone ever hear of Unitrin Insurance? It’s what she had.

Balls, do you know she was russian :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s like a geico or progressive. you just go online and get a quote, the insurance broads here didn’t sound fond of it.

Not 100% sure - but the name and the language she was speaking into her cellphone sounded like it.

She was also in her 60’s, had a son as old as me, and definitely was NOT a GMILF.

Bitch, it’s called hitting the fucking brakes!

“Oh, I hit something, I better floor it and continue hitting things”.