Rust be gone!

Well I have had a spot of unsightly rust(among other things) on my car for about a year now. I finally decided the other day to try my hand at some body work. I have new rockers that will be going on the car at a later date so I figured it didn’t matter to much if I completely butchered this one. The tools I had available to me were as follows.

Air cut off tool
4" electric grinder
Body hammer
Combo Dolly
Metal file
MIG Welder
Hand held air shears

All constructive criticism is welcome…


Metal in and partially ground down

After - I also wanted to keep the OEM seam in the rocker so I had to use two pieces of metal which I think made this a little harder.

Unfortunately I am going to have to use some bondo to finish it off, I was hoping to be able to pull it off with out using any but I guess that was wishful thinking. I will be sure to update this thread after I have finished it off with some paint and rocker guard.

not bad. usually you have to use some kind of bondo product. but it shouldnt be used as the only resource. i like the metal filler to do the base work once welding is done, followed by a skim coat of the plastic filler to smooth it out and spot putty to finish it and in between primer coats for imprefections.

keep up the work and dont be afraid to giver on the whole car now that you have started


Any pics of what you actually cut out?

looking good :slight_smile:

I kind of forgot that shot :confused:

Where you see the new shiny metal is where I cut out the old stuff…