Sasha's awesome 350z at cayuga video

Don’t know if you saw the vid but you can probably put it up on your site or something :slight_smile: Sasha ran consistently 1:19 and set a lap record with 1:18.5 That’s awesome.

There’s also bings with his s13 sr powered coupe setting 1:26 and Jim setting his 1:19-1:20 times if im not mistaken with his black 400whp+ rx7 fd

I found it while watching track day videos on youtube, bliss to the ears as always lol.

Nice…video is garbage tho… lol to those people closing their ears when sasha comes by

hahaha its just that loud…! but awesome sounding. I experienced it first lap day of the year at mosport ddt in april… my car broke down before i could even push it lol, i drove around half broken and slow :frowning:

We need to have dedicated media ppl on all lap days not cell phone cams lol :smiley:

lol i was expecting something interesting but its a guy behind a wall waiting for a 2 sec driveby xD

meh enjoy the sound

that 350z is loud lol can hear clear that motor clear as day, bing your coupe sounds awesome too

i believe Sasha’s record was beaten by a integra

that day a k24 teg took the lap record yea…i cant remember his name right now and its pissing me off. Sasha still had RWD Unlimited tho.

you think the car is loud, try standing next to the dyno many late nights as I have. Even with ear muffs on that shit still rings…you can literally feel your clothing vibrating.

K24 engine is SO wicked! my boy has one in his civic h/b and its running 12s all day… ALL MOTOR no power adder in any way! Honda did excellent in the R&D of it!!

Is it an asian dude driving a white rsx that we’re talking about? I remember going to a track day at shanonville and that car was mad insane and louder than sasha’s… That thing was really insane and was a trailered pure race car as well. Or we’re talking something or someone else here dunno. Interesting…

is that bings blue 240? 30 secs

^Yes, the blue S13 coupe is Bings if I’m not mistaken.

The video pisses me off to the point where I can’t watch it… :frowning:

This car…Rocked my world…

^Yes, the blue S13 coupe is Bings if I’m not mistaken.

thought so,

me 2… i just want to go to the track now!!!

Kenneth Lau “turtle” built the integra that beat my shit. Such a well setup car on moton tripples, slicks, 275whp K24 etc.

On a faster track where downforce is working a bit more it wouldn’t be able to keep up with Kels obviously as it is all factory aero for the most part, but on a tight track like Cayuga that thing beat me by a few tenths!!! So wild, but so awesome

We’ll be 3-5 seconds faster next year though so it won’t be a concern to be beaten by FWDs ever again!

that is a sexy sound.

it just rocks too hard for this world

same… :wink:

Damn you guys, here i am trying to get 1 sec. faster…