seam legit ?

i wanna start growing weed for money :skid

full indoor hydropnic system - $2000 (gloversville)

Huge grow tent, hydr system, 2 lights that equal 550 bucks, nuetrients, exaust system for fumes, timed power strip, 2k plus invested used 3 days trade for gm prefer 4x4 but maybe colbalt, grand prix deff suburban or tahao, or ext pickup or turbo diesel nothing but gm please or 1500 cash

  • Location: gloversville
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

coke is where the real money is though

meth is more popular then coke.

title hurts my head. please correct it.

#1 - while your probably assuming what im assuming and were probably both right lol, there are alot of high dollar grow equiptment for plants other then pot lol

besides, pot is a dying illegal business, shits half legal now lol

But meth requires a lot of work to make and most of the ingredients are blacklisted now.

I’m kidding , money is in crack anyway lol

actually no, but you don’t make coke in this country you get it, cut it and sell it. so i know what you are trying to say. and the ingredients aren’t blacklisted, just don’t go buying them all together, especially if you aren’t paying in cash.

My mother gets I’d’ed for buying nail polish remover at CVS because of meth.

what the fuck do someone grow for 3 days after investing $2k and alot of time into just to call it quits and sell it all? lol

Stoners aren’t typically known for their long term commitments.

Hard workers

this makes legit seams.

Never used it. 5200 is legit though.


seam is like… “the seam in my pants is starting to rip.”

we established this over 2 days ago. thanks for the update though.