Sheridan Collage.

Who here go’s to the Oakville/Traf Campus?

1st yr. business admin.

hey walter, come and stop by at quizno’s tomorrow, its just down by dundas and trafalgar. come for lunch :slight_smile: it’s like 5 mins from sheridan.

Taking Art Fundamentals this year, to tide me over until Bachelor of Design next year.

I’m in first year for E-Commerce Business

I think it was you that i met today??? I was in the red '91 fastback. Do you have the black '90 coupe???

-Rory (240sxxx)

mf gf finished top of her class in design there a couple years back…

sheridan sucks bum

care to elaborate :?

care to elaborate :?[/quote]

i think he is trying to say that some guy named sheridan sucked his girlfriends bum?

they had crap co-op placements and even though she had a 95+ average and they used her projects in competitions and to display in the foyer she still wasnt able to get a great job afterwards.

the faculty was not particularly helpful at helping their students find placements.

of course this is all relative, but compared to University og Guelph i was really dissappointed with Sheridan.

At U of G there was a ton of job fairs and alot of companies that look to hire persons from my degree and related degrees actually came to the school on recruitming missions.

the faculty recommended students to companies and companies to students.

i guess i felt, as did my gf, that Sheridan lost site of the fact that going to college is about getting a better job that you would have had otherwise.

its sorta about learning and of course you should do the brunt of the hunt yourself but there was alot lacking from the post-grad employment support at sheridan.

i still get e-mails from the U of G list serve of employers searching for students from commerce programs. i dont think my gf ever got e-mails like that.

go to university.

amen bing. best thing anyone could ever do for themselves.

will be attending sheridan in January :slight_smile:


btw its college not collage lol

I dunno man. Sheridan seems like a really good school and i wouldn’t knock it so easily. What happened to u girl can’t be made into a general statement for the whole school.

Here’s what we’ll do… i will finish my 3 years here and then if they don’t help find me a job then we can all continue this discussion.

LOCKED (wish i had the power) SHIZZA!!!

yeah, university might be better than college, but not everyone can afford it… and not everyone can get OSAP either. Even when you get it, you still have to pay it back…

College is cheaper and faster… you might not get an awesome job right when you graduate, but university doesn’t guarantee that either…

It’s all comes back to you and how much you can do w/o university’s or college’s help when it comes to finding a job… At least that’s what my opinion is on this. I’m just speaking from my own experience…

ya man!!! totally agree


LOCKED :slight_smile:

^^^ locked?

seneca w0000t (at york, the other campus is ghetto)

Sheridan is known worldwide for its animation program but has lately
excelleed as one of the top colleges in Ontario (Canada?)

Sure it doesn’t hold the prestige as a University (or a University degree)
but it has its pluses of providing a practical approach to studies.

I went there for Comp Sci. Took me a couple years but I got lucky and
now have a bad-ass job in IT; then again it was because of one of my
classmates who noticed my computer programming skills and my
experience with a bow staff and num chucks. :o

I just finished my first year at York University, in the “honour roll” to boot (top 5% of first year students), and I loved it… however, the kinds of courses I am interested in at university just won’t yield any kind of lucrative career for me in the end. So I thought I would take some skills that I have already used with a lot of success (graphic design), and develop them first. Once I’m done, and have some doors open, I fully plan on completing my university degree.

anyone go to brock U?

Nice stuff. I’m excited to get back into design… my creativity was murdered by doing all kinds of really boring stuff, so I quit the shop I was working at and have stayed away from it for a couple of years. So now I’m starting from the ground up with this fundamentals class, learning to paint, sculpt, use colour properly etc. Should be interesting, going to have to learn to deal with all the art school weirdos :lol: