Shipping rims: Anyone help me out?

Im gonna be shipping some rims/tires. Whos the cheapest to go with/ anyone got the hookup? Theres tires on them so Id be thinking of maybe putting cardboard in between them and shrink wrapping them?? Any suggestions/ help would be great. Thanks guys.

i think central transport has someting called pallet lite? its like $60 or some thing lke taht anywhere in ny for anything that can fit on a 48"x48"x52" box/pallet with a max of 750lbs

cardboard circles, tape/stretch wrap them, and you will be fine.
as for shipping…IB4everyonesaysPMJuicedGT

I can help ya…just get them packaged up, PM me a weight and dimension on 1 of them. I can get you a good price…

edit: dave…i can do better then that :slight_smile:

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just cover the face of the rims, wrap them in a garbage bag and tape. And ship them USPS. Should cost about $15/rim

I’ve done this many times. Theres nothing a Postal worker can do to them that would damage them any more than driving on them. Just make sure the face of the rims are covered with something like I said.

well the pallet lite would be great for engines and trannys shipping for cheap lol

Ship by Greyhound or whatever…I think it is like a dollar a pound but don’t quote me. I shipped a whole system set-up for pretty cheap.

at a dollar per pound, hes looking at well over $100. I can typically ship a set of 4 rims with tires mounted (depending on size and where they are going) for anywhere between $35 and $50 all day long…for all 4.