Should be entertaining TV tonight. So I say....choose your horse


I think I will choose Rand Paul.


That is awesome. I will now be streaming the debate just for this.


We have a shot bet anytime Trump says something dickish to Megyn Kelly.

Also, there is a 2-1 bet going on that Trump gets isolated and left out a lot of the debate to protect the GOP.


As long as the dickish phrase isn’t “excuse me”, since that would put all gamers into the hospital quick-like.


Definitely hoping they give Rand some mic time. Would like to hear what he has to say.

Ron Paul was always super strict and one-sided about his approach to complex problems (like dealing with the middle east). I think Rand approaches with a more open mind, while still leaning towards libertarian views… I like that.


Ron > Rand. Ron actually stood for things. Rand is becoming more and more of a mainstream neo-con since his Senate election.


We’re getting off-topic here. :slight_smile:


His convictions are good. I like a man that stands for his beliefs. Problem is that his solutions weren’t realistic in some cases. He wants the US to completely pull out of the middle east and completely cease spending there. While I agree the war spending to too much, we can’t just abandon the whole thing. Ron was dead in the water when he drew a line in the sand unreasonably on a few key issues.


Back to the original point, I suspect there are going to be a lot of socials. If I was trying to get hammered, and assuming they’re all getting equal time, I’d go with Bush or Cruz.

They should toss Bernie Sanders right in the middle of the 10 and just see whose head explodes first.


Walker is a good choice if you have to get up early the next day


yes i am.


Just hoping they give Trump enough rope that he hangs himself and we can move the circus side show off the main stage for the next debate.


Hangings actually poll very favorably with the Republican primary electorate. Be careful what you wish for.


Right now I look at that debate list and all I can think about is the South Park “Douche or Turd Sandwich” episode.

Then I look to the left and see devout socialist Sanders and Shady McClinton and I start researching countries that have lax immigration toward Americans.



I’m good with Trump running our country. the others, not much.

but, most will vote solely for the person that will benefit themselves. the poor will vote for the person who says they will raise minimum wage and social benefits, the rich will vote for the person who locks in their tax rates for capital gains, tax write offs etc.


Listening to any candidate speak makes me want to drink. I do not need a game.


what has this country come to that makes the majority of Americans have such disdain for potential presidential candidates?

this isn’t a dig towards anyone, just a general question.


Years ago, my friend Chris owned this car. He didn’t give a F (obviously)

He even had bumper stickers on this car (the horror). This was one. I’m sure some here will appreciate it


Sometimes i think no one should have enough money that they cant spend it all in a life time. I need to pay attention to politics more. Im thinking id probably vote for someone who seems like they cant be bought, because isnt that what happens to politicians, they become currupt because someone pays them off?

At least trump has plenty of money. But im thinking Rand