sick of winter

sign in…

i just can’t wait to have a clean car again… its driving me insane

clean car yes… but i need to get some more money out of my season pass

i hate winter…arent u the ppl that said they cant wait to have snow???

i like snow… but when i can’t ski i hate it!

it had its novelty, now let spring come!

I day dream about warm summer evenings where it’s light until 9:30, Green Drakes are emerging and the trout are going nuts, and I don’t leave the stream until 10pm. I get into my CLEAN car, all the windows down, and take the long way home while drinking a cold one. Ah summer…

On the plus side, we’ve had all of one snowfall this year so far and it’s melting fast, I see more grass and hillside everyday. So far, we’ve been really fortunate for a weak winter…lotsa time to get dumped on though. Dammit anyway Phil…

blah…snow sucks…i like skiing…but i wish it would only snow up in there…i hate snow!!


winter can wait a few more weeks till my GS is done, then it better be sunny and 60. it fianally got the primer coat this weekend, its probably gettin base on saturday. I’m also waiting on my manifolds, they are gettin honed out so i can ditch the stupid ass headers.

But i wouldn’t cry if it rained and melted all the snow and cleaned the streets off. Down with winter member 002!

a cold non alcholic beverage i assume :slight_smile:

I hate cold weather, ice, short days, and snow. Period.

i’m with him!

yeah i want it to be like 85 in the day and like 75 at night… cant wait for summer


maybe we can hit 90 this year, its been two summers without a 90 degree day… Global warming :rolleyes:

dude as cold as its been lately id be happy with 100 + days in the summer

everyone go harm the environment!!!

no cats, race gas and 8 mpg !!! i think i’mma go let some r12 out of my system, spill some old oil in the river, make aresol blow torches, and throw my aluminum cans in the regular garbage.

I hate winter. hate it hate it hate it… I just want to get my blazer finished and cruise around listening to the exhaust… I just want to be outside and doing something I’m so tired of either being cooped up in the house or being outside and freezing my nuts off.

pittspeed snow ball battle? its good ice ball weather.

winter serves no good purpose whatsoever. warm dry and sunny > *

I wouldn’t trade Pittsburgh weather for anything else…