Sightings Thread

lol i was figuring someone else could chime in on that.

whaddaya doin at the old stealership?

Had to swing by to pick up an oil filter for the Z.

i laugh at people trying to race me all the time but the thing is my cars not on the road lolololol .My wife comes home almost every night telling me people are tale gating her then get next to her and want to race her down I 890 then they follow her to a gas station and say they thought it was me . i cant wait untill my cars back on the rd .

Saw cossey in his Porsche getting of the northway heading up central last night, sounded AMAZING

Did you notice if he had the custom plate “Hobbs”? If so I know that guy. He comes into the gym where I work. He’s a really cool guy, total gear head. He owns a couple Ducatis, the vette and a tricked out Explorer.

He’s got a supercharged C5, not a C6 iirc.
I didn’t know he had any Ducatis, I know he has the 643whp turbo Hayabusa.

You forgot the Turbo Busas (plural)

Wasn’t aware that he had Ducati’s though.

I saw him on western yesterday. Shit sounds awesome.

You guys are probably right about the Busas. I’m not a bike guy, but at least you know who I’m talking about.

Spotted Caz. He was all smiley and shit. Car looked full of people. Any CP? Or only dudes?

I saw Hooked on 240 on Kings road about an hour ago

I saw some light blue 300ZX at the Latham Target earlier. Looked all stock except tinted windows

awesome post

Saw EJ Evo get off the northway onto western

Car fire by home depot…

black saab… had the travis treatment going on under the hood as im sitting @ starbucks sippin my mocha frap :excited


umm… last i heard his ass got arrested this past summer for fraud and embezzlement. might be out on bail tho.

Speaking of fraud…

oemgee here it goes

What are you inferring here, Joesph? Do explain yourself more thoroughly.

Black VW Passat you mean. I saw it after the fire truck had the fire out and then as it was going on the flatbed when I came out of Price Rite.