Sightings Thread

same hear

Cool. Hopefully a better crowd than last night. Last night sucked.

Yeah last night was teh ghey. Its still chilly tonight but I may swing by again.

nice. I am not coming out tonight, but we deff should all meet up at the lot/wash this year:thumbup

Saw a silver 350Z with body kit in Wilton.

Didn’t get a look at the plate but it was definitely a C6

BTW, saw Colonie PD pulling me over for tints this afternoon. wtf

if it was a convertible it was most likely my dad.

Colonie is the only PD that pulls you over for tinted windows. :Idiots

Did you get a ticket or did they just say its illegal and let you go?

Dodge Dakota and a Jeep Cherokee 4 wheeling when I was out on the power lines with my quad. The Dakota got buried in the muddy water and it covered up one of his 34" tires.

He had a winch and was able to get out though.

saw a bad ass red ferrari modena on western avenue tonight around 730ish, was on my way to cold stone, i was hinting at him to rev it but he was old and didnt even look my way or rev it, if I was a dude I totally would have had a boner lol

did he sell the man a sterio also or no???

The officer was nice enough, just gave me a warning and I was on my way in like 5 minutes.

are you sure it wasnt the F430? theirs a older guy with a brand new red ferarri F430. He shat his pants when he was getting gas next to me and I started my car…he jumped lol funny shit.

If it was in the Clifton Park area, and the plate said “IL SOGNO” I’m good friends with him, his grandson, and his son(my buddy’s dad).
He’s badass for being an old man. SRT-8 Jeep, F430, and soon to be a 2010 Camaro SS in the stable so I hear. Sadly he’s been diagnosed with cancer.
I doubt he was frightened by your car though.

Ferarri owners getting scared of the Camaros… You already took their girls man, at least leave them their pride.

you guys are narrow minded

he had his back towards me and was pumping gas. This was the day I picked up my car from the shop and it had the loud as exhaust. I started it right behind his back (you know, because his back was towards me, meaning he was facing the other way) and it startled him/

I didnt say he was scared of my camaro…wtf/ its a freaken ferarri.

:rofl :rofl

drew he was just messing with ya :smiley:

I thought you said this was while at a light or something:rofl

Not thoroughly reading the post FTL

SSmokin, did I see you today on Western?

no. I didnt drive my car today.

why, did you see another White SS with black rims/stripes? If so, someone stole my car/