SkrappaR vs. SRT6

My buddy from WNYDSM, TSInsane brought the sexxy crossfire SRT6 to teh BWW last night. So we took a couple of rolls together. That manu-amatic seemed like it was tough to get going but once it did, that thing had great all around power.

We lined up quite a few times in traditional rollzor fashion, I would have to say five or six times. Out of those we had about two real good runs. Like I said, he was having problems getting it to drop down into gear after the third beep but I think I still had him by a car at the end of third and if I were to wind fourth all the way out, I am sure it would have been about the same. The DSM top end is what pulled me away, but not by not much.

He was a very formidable opponent but the Skrappar-mobile was angy with the German bling and did not want to get reeled in by an auto so she seemed to be pulling extra hard for my 93 tune on 17 psi.

I want at this beast again, but from a dig this time.

That car is an impressive machine…I want some aftermarket support now. Small pulley + intake + exhaust would probably even pull my 22 psi race gas tune.

Also I am sorry for those of you who lost money on the races but thats what you get for not believing in the Skrapdiggla.

I hate magazine racing but IO had to check out what it does… This car has I think 325hp and 310 ft. lbs. and is a very low 13 second car with 110 traps so needless to say :tup: to an absolutley gorgeous car. I used to hate the crossfires, but now I am a beliver.

good races… I want to see them from a dig for sure.

I had no idea they where that quick :tup:


wow those things are pretty impressive, albeit still have a useless trunk

i told all to bet on the skrappar and no one wanted to listen. good races joe, and to tico on trying to take the almight skrappar down.:headbang:

such a hot car

good runs


Me neither.

When we gunna run? :wink:

Last GTP I raced beat me @ NYIRP with a 12.82

soon. I need a new sc belt first, its slipping up top dropping almost 3lbs on me. Speaking of that PM me a price for a 6 rib. belt, im not sure if I need 68" or 68.5".

id like to see some pics of this car

I lost two bucks but they were good runs! :tup: are the vids host-able?

I’ll bring my digital to the meet next tues and snap some pics of Tico’s car… it’s pretty tiiiiiight y0

good runs


there are no vids because scott is a fag and wouldn’t let me use his video recorder. (edit: some banners may be NWS for some strange reason)

Not his car, his is silver, but its a good read on the car…I like it a lot better than the other crossfires for some reason. The only difference is the spoiler/ wheels/ and some other small things.

I also hear a certain magazine hates this car.