Snowmageddon Apocalypse 2019


Schools are closed the next two days, supposed to be brutal. Haven’t really had one of these in a while, I’m actually looking forward to it, lol


Yep, management here just had the talk about when we close. Basically if there’s a travel ban we close, otherwise get your ass to work or use a vacation day. Heh.

Just the wind chills alone are going to make this pretty brutal. If we actually get the 12-24" of snow they’re calling for and the wind the roads will be impassable in many places. But it’s lake effect, so some narrow band will get it and a lot of other people won’t get nearly that much.


I’m pumped for these next 2 days, hell let’s make it 3!


Coworker just came back from lunch and said traffic is just crawling around Amherst but the roads aren’t that bad.

Disclaimer: He was pretty late coming back from lunch so this may just be an excuse. :slight_smile:


South of main Street in Williamsville it’s perfectly fine.


Roads were fine on my way home too. Millersport N. Forest area.


Blows my mind how different the weather is here in Rochester.


Wait until the wind churns the water on the lake and the warmer waters surface. The lake effect could go into beast mode.



Two days off, sick.


Drive to work was pretty uneventful honestly. It’s only 2 miles but other than my side street most streets were plowed down to hardpack. Small fender bender at N.Forest and Millersport that caused me to take a shortcut through the unplowed gas station lot. Go blizzacks go! The Sally’s are already calling the office asking if we’re closed. Is there a travel ban? No? Then get your ass to work or take a vacation day.


I don’t understand how they haven’t made it a requirement for either M+S rated tires or Snow tires. My Si with blizzaks+factory LSD is pretty damn good in the snow.



Wind is supposed to pick up though and start blowing this shit around. Last night in the city we had some wild gusts.


We had to go to Toronto last friday night, left Rochester around 6:45. I-90 was the worst Ive ever seen it, under 20mph for quite a while from just before the Clarence rest stop. Took us an extra hour to get to the border. And then it was clear and 75mph the rest of the way.


Visibility in this blizzard is terrible, that sun is blinding.


Hahaha. You southtowns traditional snow belt people must be loving this for once.


City is pretty messy right now. Southtowns forecast just changed to a possible 2 to 3 feet.

It’s crazy to see how many people are stuck because they have scrap tires


M+S is an antiquated rating, should be at least 3PMSF.


super clear where i be at


It was clear in the city for a little bit, I just finished shoveling. Getting hit with another snow band now though and already got another inch. Can’t see much when the wind picks up.