Snowmageddon Apocalypse 2019


Galleria mall is closing at 2pm as far as I’m aware. That very rarely happens.


Getting nasty outside my window in Cheektowaga and the Blizzard warning just came out.


Was just coming to post that we got an official NOAA blizzard warning. That’s pretty significant and doesn’t happen often.


And Hamburg just issued the first travel ban.


Poloncarz issues state of emergency for all of Erie County, expands travel ban to the follow towns:
Orchard Park
North Collins


Nice clip of what it look like in the city, from city hall:


Nice @ProgRocker


7 accidents on the 190 alone right now:




Pain in the balls to get to work the last two days but I managed.


Excellent job whoever did this


So much for that tractor trailer ban


Still terrible visibility here in Springville, that sun is still blinding.


Maybe 2" last night.


News says Amherst got 18". Explains why it feels like I’ve been running the snow blower non-stop for a week.


Nicely done, good stuff.


Oh man nothing like a good winter fuckfest to make me miss Buffalo! Stay warm over there folks!


That is terribly sad. He’s been around forever and never bothered anyone


Ah damn, I remember him from high school as the Williamsville bum. We only had one, now he’s gone. RIP.


Sigh… It hard to take that another human being could freeze to death in a bus shelter at the busy intersection of Main and Union.