Snowmageddon Apocalypse 2019


oh man, I used to see him all the time. So sad. :frowning:


I just saw him the other day at Starbucks.

I wonder if he just didn’t have any notice that the weather was going to be so bad. I can’t remember if he had a phone or not.



Impressive! I thought I had some decent overhang on my garage. Maybe I’ll take a snap of it tomorrow while I’m off again.

RIP to the homeless guy, pretty sure I just saw him earlier this month at the walker center.




Wow he’d been out there since the 70’s?

He was given the option of a hotel for the night but instead slept in this…


Reading his story and how it ended is sad but at the same time makes you proud of WNY because you see that a lot of people tried to help this guy.

I don’t know if any of you followed the link to the 1997 story on him but it’s worth the read:


Hows the ice out there this am? I just saw a video of a tractor trailer sliding sideways on the 190.


The city is shitty, south of here city is fine right now.


Yolanda with the live coverage, lol


Oh shit!


right? wild


Yeah, especially since I just got on the 190 very near there, but driving south


dang. good timing