Snowmageddon Apocalypse 2019



Not sure if this image will work, but it’s a photo of a piece of the ice boom floating in the river.


The news was just staying that it’s designed to fail in spots, so even though you might see parts floating away it’s not “broken”.



Anyone have damage? We pretty much had nothing until about 11pm last night when I went up to our unfinished cape and noticed it was cold. The original 1950s windows we were planning on replacing this spring blew OUT the window panes from the frame. Guess I’ll be replacing them a little earlier!


Damn. No damage that I’ve seen yet but I was watching the siding on a rear addition to my house flow in the wind like it was on water. I’m surprised that I didn’t lose any of it.


I gained my neighbors trampoline yesterday. Ended up ratchet strapping it to a few of his trees.



Gonna need a new sail on this one



Limage image

Neighbor’s fucking willow that I’ve been trying to get him to cut down for a decade fell on the main line at 2:30am. Tree crew is working on clearing it enough for the line crew to fix the lines right now but last I heard ETA was 11:30pm TOMORROW. Hoping that’s wrong now that the tree crew is working. No damage to my house but probably going to be some fence damage by the time they get that 2’ diameter branch cut up and down. The fence was fine before they started working (I have pics) so not sure how that will work with insurance.


Hows that work? Who pays the bill?

I was told if the neighbors tree falls on my vehicle it’s my insurance that has to cover it. Seems kinda fucked


It would be mine if the tree fell and damaged it. Not sure how it works when the power company damages it removing the tree.


I had one section of fence partially come apart, but nothing a hammer and some nails couldn’t fix. Otherwise no issues and didn’t even lose power.








I’m sure you already know this - go through your insurance and let them subrogate.