So I think I'm going to do something last minute...

Like…transfer to UB since I’m sick of NCCC. What do you think, ha

UB is not bad, I thought it was too much based on commuter students when I was there. But they have built a lot more on campus apartments. They need more dorms IMO.

Academics would be better :gotme:

ummm i commute and we dont get shit. All the dorm people take the parkingspots because they are too damn lazy. Only thing commuter students got is that lounge, but 90% of people dont use it.

Exactly. If you love commuting and walking 20 minutes to class then UB is for you.

Okay I’m sure many of you have been to NCCC. Walking across a field with snow blowing everywhere isn’t a big huge concern for me.

I’m thinking it may be a little too late for fall admission, but we’ll see.

You can register for fall classes until friday (7/22) after which there is a $90 late fee, but it is still possible to register after that.

i haven’t even been accepted yet lol

whats your major?

unsure at the moment. unspecifically just science…

stay at n trip and get cheep credits get a dregee and then transfer. no good reason to transfer in if you are undecided in your future

Agreed. Don’t waste time and a shitload of money on classes you don’t need. Apply if oyu think you MAY know what you want to do and if you say science in general the cores are probably somewhat similar so take broad courses until you slim the major down.

See this is great but…i’m sick of N trip :frowning:

Then hurry up and finish so you can transfer :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 19 with 51 credits yo. I’m mad leet.

Part of me wants to go for psychology. Part of me still wants to go for pharmacy. I mean yeah being a pharmacist would be horribly boring, but really want am I really doing anything for, the money? I don’t know, I’d love to be deep and say I’m not going into anything for the money but lets be real.

I have a 3.8 so all doors are open, I just don’t know.

i’d go if you can afford it, i liked going to UB :tup:

It’s an entire 1,000 more a semester. I mean yeah that’s expensive but not too much.

I could always cross register for a class, i suppose.

go to ECC north… it is like diaper rash. you’ll crawl back to Ntrip

I don’t want to even get into how much butter NCCC is compared to ECC.

After talking to a few people I’m just going to stay at NCCC for now, in the nursing program, and…go to D’Youville for my bachelors/masters. Since I’ll actually have a job. Since I can specialize in any field I damn well want anyway. Since I can travel :slight_smile: