So when's the next drift day?

Anyone have anything planned?


Summers banging and we only have 3-4 more months till we see cold.

yes pleeeeeaaasee!! this nooob is dying to get back out there. the noob being me

You got your welded diff yet, noob?

I need some practice before RND #3 of DMCC in August 15-16th!

same i would also like to know…

Lets go peter…

This year has been weak so far eh…


Indeed, so down!~

I have all these tires, and nothing to do with them. I want to drift, someone with money host an event.

me tooo when when when

my car is close to being done finally! wouldnt mind coming out to one of these. try and make it on like a sunday this time maybe?? hard for me to take time off work.

i am down as well…

n00b as well…

do it up!

driiift. come on, someone do it!

Ya Rly. I just talked to Cal about how weak it’s been. Dorifto event me!

Seems like everyone goes to Quebec to drift. or the states, seeing as how Shannonville is the only real good place to drift anyways here in our shit province… Dunville,Mosport(small course) 2 perfectly good places to drift…but no there are laws so we cant even do that…all we have is cayuga …witch is…BLAH…and technicly is not supposed to allow drifting either.

then shannonville witch is a good track and all we have left really.

and alot of the weekend days are booked up i hear…


where does that leave us?

The only option is to limit the area’s to drift and than increase the fine/penalties for anyone caught recklessly driving. Makes sense:moon:

The only way ill do more events is if people pre pay

And Samson no pro am for you unless you have the following
Half cage with door bars or better
FIA approved seat
And fire suit and helmet


Are you friggin’ serious!?!?!

WOW, when did Ontario get so lame.

Peterborough Motorsports Club is having a solo at Kawartha Downs (west of Peterborough)