So why might my cd player be fried?

Ok… cliff notes.

Adam installs cd player months ago.

Cd player works fine.

Adam needs power source, related to the ignition…so he taps into power cable, and ground cable to cd player.

Adam…being Adam…accidentally taps his new wires (leading from cd players +/- wires…and shorts out cd player.

Adam should have disconnected battery.

Adam rushed.

Adams Fucked.

Adam changed out the radio/cd player fuse. Still no worky.

Adam changed out the actual cd player’s fuse…located on the back of the cd player… yes thats right…still no worky worky.

Everything else such as the actual car…turn signals, clock, etc etc. all work, so the whole car isn’t shorted out.

Another wierd thing is… like if u turn the car off (when the cd player worked)…the cd player would stay on for like 5 more secs, and say a lil goodbye message etc etc, and then shut off. Its doing this now…whenever i pull the fuse, and put a new one in… it says “thank you” “goodbye” etc etc…and then shuts off and wont let me turn it back on.

What can i do? Change every fuse? Get new cd player?

ask vin to help, he will tell that cd player to get with the program

your ignition wire is not connected.

the reason it displays the good bye message is because it is not receiving an “ignition” signal telling it to turn on. You probably have the ant/mem/dim/power wires screwed up. Take it all apart and do it over again. The fact that it displays anything means the fuse is good


thats not it…

i re-wired the red power/ignition wire.

now it works…but not when the car is on “start” mode, and only once in a while.

motherfuck, this car is pissing me off today…big fucking time

i think i blew my ignition wire, that goes to my radio :frowning:

check all fuses that relate to a radio. i had a problem like this and fixed it by replacing the battery feed fuse that went.

thanks man.

i will most def be doing that tomorrow

im done with this shit tonight

theres a hole in my wall… a piece of plastic broke off the door when i slammed it harder than hard… my fist is red

and my voice is gone…

not to mention the lil kid next door learned a few more words today :slight_smile:

what he said

maybe bring it by my work and ill take a look at it …

worst comes to worst we run a new power wire from your ign harness to the radio…

and dont punch the wall… punch somebody else… flesh is much more forgiving.

edit: if you want to diy… go buy 12V test light for like $5 at sears… test the red and yellow wires… make sure you have power on both when key is on… also test your ground while your at it…

if you are not getting power on one of them run a new one from the key cyl… or a new ground from the chassis…

if you ARE getting power chances are you fucked your internal power supply inside the radio… which… could very well be the case…