Someone Out There Likes Me Enough to hit me with a van

I was in a car accident on Michigan and Clinton. I was in the passenger seat when, WHAM, the Ford Windstar I was riding in got hit on my side by another mini-van. The car flipped over on it’s roof and I crawled out. I got some cuts from the glass shattering and I bumped my head and arm but other than that, I am in 100% great shape… Someone out there likes me…


holy chit man

jevis. wtf?
what kinda car were you in?

i bet there was a woman somehow involved.

1800 joes dad

goddamn… glad you are ok matt… :tup:

but your neck hurts

very badly

so go make money and hike up our insurance rates :wink:

i still think you need hospital time

glad to hear ur ok.

and i agree with newman about the woman being involved…lol

Bingo… Guess who was driving the car that hit us…

traffic about now sucks ass … i avoided 2 accidents just getting lunch

ummmmmmmm… hillary clinton…?

was i close?


I was merely saying it was a woman, and you get a cookie…


Pretty lucky :tup: grab a lotto ticket today too, what the hell.

of course it was a woman driver.

more often than not they are either overly defensive drivers, such that their defensiveness causes and accident, or they are distracted by makeup, phones, objects outside of the car, or general brainfog.

glad you are ok Matty…wouldn’t want you to miss Carlisle :wink:

in reference to my post above, you are one of the exceptions to my norm :slight_smile:

good to here you have some jack b. talent in you. was the other person ok ? gald your OK.

:tup: to you bein ok

Everyone is Ok… It’s rather amazing. I thought for sure when the other minivan hit us that my right arm was going to be broken but it’s only bumped a bit.

Shitty, but I’m sure the weekend will cheers you up :wink: :beer2: LOL