the FB group is busier than the forum for SON as a standalone (network is busier as a whole) and it is presenting issues with moderation now that there are over 1000 users in the group.

i see some of you guys complaining about the quality of people in the group and people have made those comments on the forums as well but we can’t pick and chose who buys a 240sx and wants to participate… the last thing i’m going to do it get more selective for resources that are free to use.

that said, people are using the FB groups heavily and the traffic is moving so quickly that you can barely find a post that was made eariler in the day without scrolling down for a half hour.

as for moderation… i’m just going to start deleting any posts that cause issues… we’re not going to spend the time to get to the bottom of every issue… it’s unreasonable to expect that kind of attention.

it is not possible to have a constructive discussion on these matters on FB so we can have that chat here.


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On the subject of adding an Admin to assist with moderation:

All this is going to result in is people getting upset with how that person moderates the groups or the forums. this always happens because people challenge the authority of moderators all the time and for various reasons. In my case you don’t really have that option which makes things pretty cut and dry. Moreover, long term, in my opinion the only people who really maintain a vested interest in the communities are vendors… everyone else gets a new car and moves on from chassis specific communities.

So… imho the only person suitable to be added as an admin on the FB group is Varun, which i am prepared to do and probably will this week.

This maybe presents some conflicts but by and large he’s the only guy people aren’t going to argue with on moderation tactics and he’s the only other person who has been around as long as i have and will continue to show a vested interest in the operation of the forum and the groups.


support +1


Support for +2


Why do people have to be such losers and need babysitting. Its a joke really


the NEO guys used to say that, the 2005 regime of SON senior guys used to say that, then the 2008 guys used to say that… now you’re saying it… it’s evolutionary. new guys come in and senior guys get frustrated.

remaining neutral on that issue is the primary reason why SON still has a thriving online presence through the forum and FB and virtually all other chassis communities have died… with the exception of toronto subaru and GTRC… at least a dozen other forums or clubs have since evaporated… ones that were bigger than this one

I’ll also add that I wont be adding Dylan as an admin so you dont have to worry about that :wink:

but he is a paying sponsor of the forums and the group. to keep the network operating and safe from DDOS attacks it costs hundreds of dollars a month and priority will continue to be given to the guys that sponsor the forums and the FB groups… the guys that are trying to sneak their way in commercially will continue to be marginalized until they become supporting vendors.


Shit im 07’ dont get it twisted. Joking aside, I dont remeber this being an issue when I was a noob. Seems like over the last 2-3 years it has become an issue.

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I think maybe it had to do with the main objective of this forum seems to have shifted from knowledge and cool biulds to basically a marketplace. When money is involved, people always have issues.


all the cool cars have already been built :slight_smile:

you dont post your build and neither do most of the other guys who have been around.


i was deleted because i was being real and you got emotional … :slight_smile:


Peter, that isnt why. you cant complain and antagonize about things then expect to use them to your advantage. no one is entitled to that and it’s annoying.

it’s basically like your complaining that sponsors don’t give you money and that it’s their fault they dont understand… why can’t they just cater to you right?


Plus one for Varun for moderator… AND PRESIDENT. It’s sad that this even needs to happen.

  • from someone that’s been on the board since 2002.


I just added varun as an admin on the fb group.


WOW! son forum still exists? I thought it was a just a FB group!

I do like that varun is now an admin, though I think son could utilize more than 2 admins… I’m just surprised how much junk is on son fb compared to GTRC’s fb… with over double the number of people on their group.


I do have to agree with Cody, over the past couple years it’s been a cluster fuck of kids.
+1 on Varun though.

Edit: Also forgot I’m '07 lol.


uuhhh what are you talking about? you deleted me because i said son sucked since Nyspeed was added. its my opinion. you didnt like it. its the internet. its very easy to voice opinions.

Why are you bringing my racing up for? seems alot of people like talking about me for no reason…

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Im sure Varun is very busy. he doenst have time to moderate kids on facebook…


I just want to stick out there that even though some of us are from after 2007, were not all the same. Sure you get stupid questions once in a while but honestly… whats happening on the facebook group is just childish… and its not only some “kids” its people trying to prove to other people that i’m right your wrong. As for stupid questions, just drill into everyones head that you can almost find anything on google without delay instead of asking a question and getting 66 comments about swapping a motor yourself instead of a shop… you get opinions on a forum, rarely answers.


It’s always been this way… there was a time when i was the noob and the old dudes hated all the new kids ~10 years ago.

this is a cheap car and younger guys are the ones that flock to it.

as for comparisons to GTRC, they are Canada-wide and have had a different trajectory over the years by way of JZ. I wish them well and welcome comparisons. As long as we keep this forum southern Ontario based it will always be smaller than a national forum… moreover, skylines are on average 3x - 4x more expensive than an entry level 240sx so you’re always going to have a different user base.

trying to narrow the userbase down to just the more sophisticated owners is what other forums do that sees them die out. merging the forums has made this one of the most active VB automotive forums in this part of the continent and it will continue to grow while others shrink.



Some 240s may be cheap to buy, some not so much, either way they are Definitely not cheap to bulid, so far I’m 30 grand in and still need around another 10-15 Thousand to complete my bulid. With what I paid for the car it adds up too over 50 grand

  • 1 for Varun


Not sure if everyone else still has the login issues but its really deterred me from using this website vs. the Facebook page.


those should have been fixed a while ago… still happening?