Southern Truck: Por15 everything? Spray on bedliner locally?

Picked up a 2000 Toyota Tacoma in North Carolina this week, squeaky clean. Before getting it undercoated at Rust Kote I was thinking of brushing por15 on basically the whole undercarriage, sans the exhaust/rubber components/driveshaft/etc. Anyone ever do this?

Also curious about spray-in bedliner options locally. I don’t want something that’s going to grip too well, still want to be able to slide stuff on the bed somewhat. Basically looking for the resistance of a plastic bedliner, though I don’t want one of those as they trap dirt/salt etc


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I’m unfamiliar with both, but what’s the chemical composition of Rust Kote vs POR15?

Can you just put the stuff into a paint sprayer and go to town?

@bing mentioned doing this recently to his new car.

No i did PPF and ceramic coating.

Oh maybe that was @newman

I’ve recently got off the undercoating paint bandwagon. It works great in theory, but when it cracks, water gets behind and you end up with a piece of coating coming off attached to a bunch of rust.

The oily undercoating seems to be better, you have to get it applied every year but that’s sort of the point (??)

Interested to hear about bed liner opinions, thinking of getting a southern truck myself in the spring.

I don’t keep vehicles long enough to worry about what they look like 5-6 years after purchase so I never saw the point to this.

Yeah I do the petroleum based annual method

*Oh- I ended up getting some rustoleum “farm equipment” paint. I just pressure washed my undercarriage, going to mask and paint tomorrow.

Yeaaaa I’ve only done it twice, once to a truck that I sold that following summer and my wife’s x3 last week. I’m sort of in that camp but I’m hoping she’ll keep it long enough to make it worth my while.

Went with the Rustoleum “farm equipment” paint, ordered a 6 pack from HD. Pressure washed the undercarriage Friday and applied 2 coats yesterday. Coverage was great, adhesion was great, didn’t run easily or anything. Good experience, ready for undercoating

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I’m been on snowblowerforums and it seems like most people recommend a silicone coating on blowers because it lasts a whole season. I’d imagine it would work on winter vehicle too.

I just coated my snowblower, will report back with results.

just ordered the “Monstalina” roll-on bedliner kit, will report back with results

@Coldaccord is this a good deal? :thinking: :woman_shrugging: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Heh. That monstaliner stuff worked great. It’s not as grippy and dries gloss not matte. A lot like just having a plastic bedliner I guess

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