Rust Inhibitor

I just bought a brand new 8.5’ x 28’ enclosed trailer for the drag car and i was wondering if RustKote was the way to go to protect the underside. Wasn’t sure if they can do trailers or if i was better off using Por 15 or some other type of under coating. Any input would be appreciated since i want to protect my new investment.

I’m gonna guess on what you would spend on POR15, you could have the underside sprayed about 20 times. POR would be the way to go, but damn that shit is expensive. IIRC newman did that on his E30, so he can chime in on cost.


I have been getting my truck oiled, if I had a new trailer I would POR 15, the oil suck IMO

Napa sells a POR15 competitive product now.

^ Beat me to it. This stuff is great. POR15 cant be left exposed to UV - this stuff you can. I had a demo kicking around one of the stores that you just cant get to chip or flake. It really is impressive - even if I was non-NAPA fanboy.