What types of coatings do you offer to spray under the body

Do you guys only offer the oil based coatings or do you also have the kind that hardens and stays on for years

It’s an oil and then hardens. I would go consecutive years. Each year they repair any coating damaged and it’s a cheaper price.
I wish I would have had them to my dump trailer. I had it done by someone else and it’s still an oily mess and it’s been almost 3 weeks already.
Rustkote is on 4 of our vehicles and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Hey, Sorry I must have missed your question.

The bottom coating we provide will creep and adhere to all of the seams and bends of the undercarriage. The coating will tack up and leave a clear protective “film” which will fully protect the underside of your vehicle. It then lifts any moisture off of the surface of the metal for it to evaporate or bead off. This particular bottom coat is developed to drip a lot less than traditional undercarriage sprays. This coating will continue to fight against any Corrosion for typically 1 year in our Buffalo environment.

So to answer your question, our coating will never fully harden but rather will remain active and always creeping and moving to protect the undercarriage. And we do recommend that you reapply every year to keep the vehicle protected.

Also though, our Walden Ave Location is equipped to offer “spray in” bed liners for keeping Truck beds full protected against everything a owner may throw at it.
They are extremely durable and will be a hard protective coating when used in the correct application.
The Walden Ave center is located at: 3160 Walden Ave. Depew NY 14043.


What’s your price to do a 2014ish Toyota Rav4?