Speeding Ticket when NOT SPEEDING!

Okay. Drove the Evo for more than 2 years. First speeding ticket! :tdown::tdown::tdown:

I was driving down the I-90 east bound near Canaan, NY by myself (no cars were around) and the cop was driving on the I-90 WEST bound. He was on a moving vehicle driving on the opposite side of the thruway. I was driving 70-75 mph at that time. My radar detector went off and I slowed to 69 mph. Speed limit is 65mph. That’s a VERY VERY REASONABLE SPEED! The cop was driving at least I did not know he was doing to U-turn since I was not speeding. That MOFO (Not calling all cops a mofo but that only specific cop) did make a U-turn. I passed down the toll booths and started driving. Out of no where, he pulled behind me and pulled me over. I am like WTF??? WTF did I do? Have a car better than a V8 crown vic??? He asked me for my license and registration. At that time, I really have no clue why he pulled me over. Was my car too low??? My Big wing??? My car’s too yellow??? WTF??? He said I was speeding. Then I told him, how can you detect my speed? He replied “I was trained to detect your speed.” Dumb@$$ didnt even understanbd my question. I asked him how not why. He gave me a ticket for 81 in a 65. :tdown::tdown::tdown:

A cop is not supposed to run a radar check on his vehicle when it is moving. On the ticket, it says: DIrect Observation and speed checked by radar. You cannot use a radar gun on a moving vehicle!

What I think he did was when he was driving on the opposite side of the highway with his radar on. He was driving probably 80 mph or more and saw a speed of 161 on the radar reader. Then he subtracted his 80 from 161 and got my speed as 81 mph. YOU CANNOT DO THAT!!! Did he ever take freakin physics??? Now I gotta drive 5 hours to see his dickface and fight it.

You guys think I have a chance???

wow i need to learn how to read, if its a small town they will take it down but u will prob pay high ; thats if u fight and loose, i got ticketed on the i-90 for doing 88 in a 65, cop brought it down to a 76 in a 65 but i still had to pay 175 and 3 points( thats on 11 mph over) fuckin redneckers

A cop can radar you in a moving vehicle, he probably didnt though. My guess is he saw brake lights and he assumed you were speeding. When it comes down to it, it is your word agains his, he is always going to win. Sorry bro, hopefully you dont take it too hard in court.

i braked right when I heard my radar. Braked from 75 to 69! I believe cosine error. I just learned it from the radar stuff :smiley:

O btw, they have fucken cows and grow wheat and barley or some shit there. Fucken ass probably saw my bright yellow car with a big wing.

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“A cop is not supposed to run a radar check on his vehicle when it is moving”

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sometimes its best to just keep going when you see the copper, if they see brake lighs then they know you were speeding.

cops dont need to radar you. if he was in sight when u braked he didnt even have to se your tail lights if he noticed your front end dip then he has the suspsion to follow you. hell he coulda pulled a you turn with the radar off and paced you. theres basically no way to win in that matter pay the ticket and move on.

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^ word. what’s an “on bored radar gun” ?

as for the whole slowing down after your radar goes off… did you brake or just take your foot off the gas? I’ve trained myself not to brake when I get radar and I bet it’s worked for me more than I know.


he slowed down before the cop went passed him when his RADAR detector went off

ummm… did you ever take physics??? :wtf:

a cop can definitely hit you with radar while he was driving… i do not know where you got it in your head that they can not.

i just got a ticket on the thruway, 89 in a 65, cop was going the other direction, braked, crossed the median and went after me. he was sure to even write “radar” on the ticket.

don’t see why they can’t hit you from the opposite direction. if anyone knows otherwise please tell me so i can bitch about it too :slight_smile: i was always told they could, but stay to the farthest lane as the more extreme the angle the less reliable it is. my speedometer said 95 and it’s a bit high, so he pretty much got me dead on.

I dont know if this is tru but supposedly you can ask to see the radar, I asked a cop once and he got all defensive and i was told i could fight it but i just paid the fine and was done with it.

yes, they can hit you when you with radar at any angle or speed except when they are perpendicular, or close to perpendicular to your car…

Yes there is mobile radar, it is in sync with the speedo in the police car, a computer does all the work. . .

It bounces the radar off your car, and calulates your speed minus the speed of the cruiser etc etc etc in a matter of a split second.

Also once your radar detector goes off, it means you could be hit, yes sometimes the sginal is bouncing around and stuff and you’ll be alerted that way, but even the best radar detector can’t save you if you are the one being targeted, especially with the instant on KA out there now.

In any event it does sound like this cop had a stick up his ass, and the ticket wasn’t really justifiable. You were stil speeding, though not what he says he got you for. Hopefully you will get out of it with no points and just school, or parking tix.

69>65 (and most other things)

Not sure when you weren’t speeding, but it wasn’t when the cop saw you.

It is called The Doppler Effect but like OfficerK stated, they now have technology to correct it.
Also he said he was trained to calculate speed, that means he does not need radar at all because he is certified to estimate speed.
Do you have stock tire diameter on your car?
Maybe your speedo is off.