SR hard to start in cold weather

In cold days like today, past -20C, it seems that the motor is reluctant to start, It has to be turned about twenty times before it starts. Is that normal for the SR, or something can be done, like changing the spark plugs, new coilpacks, cleaning injectors?

Also, another issue, when idling or at 1500 rpm, once a minute the engine makes a shake, as if it missed a spark on one of the cylinders. Had same issue with the ka, and that was the plug wires, but here there are none, so, coilpacks, or something else?


change out the plugs, Try to isolate which cylinder is missing and swap that coilpack to another spot, if that new spot misses, its the coilpack. If it continues on the same cylinder, it could be the injector.

Hopefully its not a headgasket issue with coolant resting on a piston.

Remove the plugs and see if they tell you a story, while they’re out, shine a flashlight down there and see if you see anything you shouldn’t.

Plugs are all same condition, no sign of anything going on with them. Most likely it should be the coilpack, but how can I find out which cylinder is skipping?

Check to see if the orange wire( iirc) connected to the dash plug off the ecu, has power when cranking! If it does not than that is most likely the reason you are having trouble on cold starts, engine is not getting enough fuel while cranking!

Thanks, tried looking for it, it seems there are two orange wires going out from ECU orange blue and orange black, is one of them the one you were talking about?

its just the battery, most cars have a hard time starting unless there is a new battery in them.