SR questions.

So i just started up my SR in my S13 recently for the first time since i swapped it in. minor oil leak and water pump pours out fluid… but other then that it runs ok.
I just had a couple questions. When i start up my car and rev it my boost gage reads below zero and while reving up it only reaches zero and then dropps down. why does this happen?
Secondly when i swapped in the SR, i had to fab up a bracket for the throttle body cable. for some reasson it didn’t quite fit. now the throttle body sticks open a lil and my engine idle is inconsistent.any ideas why and how to fix?
And lastley the speed doesn’t work on my digi gauge cluster but everything else does?

Thats normal, you cant build boost when the engine isnt under load.

thats what i kinda figured

if your 240 is an 89-90 and came with a sohc, it has a shorter throttle cable than the later 240’s.

ah but its a 91

ok for you throttle … what i did is i swapped gas cable from the ka24de into the SR throttle then get a 12mm wrench and adjust the tightness on the actual throttle it self as … this helped my idle go down to about 700rpm and im guessing cause my cluster is stupid … but yah that should fix that issue for you … now remember that your adjusting the screw that hold this part in place so dont over loosen it or you`ll the throttle thing (dont know the name) it self … so make sure there is still enough tension on the screw to hold the throttle