SR20 boost leak/BOV leak/compressor surge?

Bit of fluttering noise going on under boost or WOT.

It feels like the spool is somewhat inconsistent… BUT this only happens in low gear, like 1-3rd gear. I did some 4th to 5th gear WOT on the highway, and it spools/runs perfectly. I was going to try stiffening the BOV spring to see if that helps… But yeah any ideas?

youve answered your own question! stiffen the valve. lemme guess its a SSQV?
check the wastegate for play also while your there

I tried tightening the BOV up one full circle, but little to no difference. Here’s a vid of the strange fluttering:

*EDIT: actually, after a few more runs after this and tightening my BOV, (the video was before touching the BOV) I just noticed that the pitch of the fluttering gets higher as boost builds up… but the intensity is still the same… I don’t want to risk ruining my turbo lol any help?

check see if your bov valve is seating properly it could be just leaking from there or ur boost lines are dirty, or ur wg is not working properly and leaking. or u could have a boost leak. you have to soften the bov spring to stop fluttering. make sure the line going to the bov is good and hooked up correct.

i thought i had to harden the bov to prevent the WOT fluttering… I’m not familiar with my sounds, I’ll try to figure out what/where the wastegate is today lol. but r u guys sure it’s not like a loose turbo bearing or something? it all sounds the same to me

*also I tried lowering the boost (minus sign?) down half a circle, and hardening the bov, still same sounds under boost wot.

Did u hook up the vacuum lines to the bov.? Make sure they are after the throttle body. Not before.

do you have back seats in the car?

if not , thats why you have turbo flutter. Gosh.


ya BOV seems well set up. i cant find any noticeable leaks or anything. I have rear seats in so that can’t be the cause, or could it? lol
i checked my wg (followed google instructions lol) doesnt seem to be weird. Man, I turned my boost allll the way down (prob like 7 psi) and still the same sound :(. maybe I need a new BOV though, it won’t tighten to the point where it’ll flutterdump at more than 4k rpm (I remember test driving an sr20 with blitz bov and it was fluttering at 6k rpm wot) and if i loosen it, it becomes loose very quick, like less than 1/10th of the way it becomes completely loose…

You can buy stronger springs.

lol i guess. It was working fine a week ago though, no problems :\

Until u turn up the boost lol

naww i never turned it up :frowning:

unno get the springs, cause i know the noise your talkin about. my buddy has a HKS SSQV and he hits 19psi in his SRT4 and it flutters likeee a bitttchhhhh…

did you change the BOV? when I test drove that car, the owner told me it was Greddy Type RS BOV, probably a fake one at that he was pretty china LOL

o.O the bov itself reads ‘blitz bov’ iunno i guess he changed it lol. I am running 91 octane on it, but the guy told me it runs better on 94. Ima try driving granny until its near empty and fill it up with 94, and do some pulls to see if this goes away… and ya i saw some vids of srt4’s, apparently only happens in low revs. Havent been able to hold high revs yet cus of roads in peterborough lol. yeah I’ll also try spings too if none of the above works.

lol whut. roads in peterborough are great compared to scarborough. 35/115.

solved, my waste gate actuator is failing lol.

A turbo does not have organic properties hence it can not be rendered in a moribund status. i fucking hate this forum.