Sri Lanka - 'Some people did something'


so far up to 290+ dead and about 500 injured.

the media coverage, mostly the differences in how the coverage is approached vs. anti-trump or other narratives (NZ shooting etc.), is very interesting.

even in this article i am noticing that despite the advance notice and the clear culpability of a certain faith or idealogy, that the media is focusing more on actors or parties confirmed to NOT be involved in this… what i mean is that many pieces are sharing the story of the long-ended civil war and implicating the Tamil Tigers and buddhists when it is all but confirmed that this was neither of those groups.

i guess we didnt need any further confirmation bias but my goodness if this whole thing doesnt make you shake your head.

it seems such a disservice to the victims and such an obvious affront to ‘journalism’ to alter the narrative in this way.


Agree, they also keep referencing “Easter celebrating”, can’t even say Christians attacked by xxx… the world is going nutty.


its so strange that there just has to be a reason for it that i’m just not in the loop on. how could people so obviously coordinate their speech in such a way?


exactly it is insane