Steering problem...

Recently, when I turn while stopped or rolling slowly, it has been moaning pretty loud. Moaning is the only way I can describe it. It is coming from the front of the car, towards the center. When I accelerate it doesnt moan. Im gonna take a look monday, but till then, any ideas of what that may possibly be? Im thinking steering rack, possibly steering pump…


Start with checking the power steering fluid

check fluid if low bring it in will put it on a lift and check it out

yea, sounds like your low on power steering fluid

Or it just needs to be changed, when you check it, see if it looks foamy. Little bubles can mean big problems. Sometimes the fluid breaks down over time and loses its viscosity. Esp. in applications where there is no PS cooler.


Took a look yesterday before work, couldnt find the res.
Went out on my break, looked for a min, couldnt find the res
Looked for a few mins when I got home, no res…
Looked some more this morning, finally found it, all the lettering is worn off the cap and itd BURIED under the accessory belt, i cant possible get my hand on it let alone look in it… wtf…

so im gonna wait till it cools down and see if i can wiggle a few fingers down there.


hahahah yeah it is

took me about 15 mins to find it too!

Ugh I had the same issue with my stang, only woould occur when the engine was really warm, like after a long long cruise. Ford Techs could never find anything (duurrrrr) but yeah it would moan a little and be incredibly hard to steer, as though the pump stopped working or something, check the fluid and then move from there

yeah nissan likes to mess with ya like that, hope ur pump isnt bad man, gl