Steve Hall Towing vs my 1LE

In Stairs thread about her car getting towed and thinking it was stolen, it came up that I hadnt told everyone about the towing company that tried to steal my car. So heres the story:

As I walk out of work, I see a red tow truck hooking up to my 1LE. I run over and stop him, he says he must have gotten the wrong car, and gets out of my way fast. My first thought is that security didnt see my parking pass and was having it towed. It seemed weird that they would do that though, so I go into security to report what just happened (read: toss the little weisel over his security desk).

As I’m on my way in, I see the tow guy doing about 40mph out of a 10mph parking lot, blowing stop signs. Now you mean to tell me he gives up on this tow without any problem, and then all of a sudden is out quick without even calling to find out what car needed him? Yea right. So I got inside and I see him on all the security cameras. They got him on 6 cameras, and it was Steve Hall towing on Bailey near West Ferry, right down in my old neighborhood.

Ive heard that they do repos as well, so they are definately used to stealing peoples cars, only mine has been paid in full for 4 years, and I just got lucky that I walked out of work when I did or it would have been all chopped up.

So if you see an old red ford tow truck, square white sign on the door with the lettering cut out to form the words, then you see the truck that is out for my 1LE, and Id be careful with your own cars.

Damn… did you go down to the tow company and beat some ass?

ya know thats funny…my frends intrepid was stolen from right behind his apartment building on eagan dr in lackawana…couple neihbors did see a red tow truck…but this happend a few months ago, the car is long gone now

thats shady as hell

wow … that sounds oddly firmiliar … id bet that its them that jacked jays car …

still cant believe this happened and no justice has been rectified…

the badazz way


yea ive heard of story’s like this all the time. I actually know for a fact some tow truck company’s around in the South/East Buffalo area (not naming them of course) do steal cars and throw them to a chop shop for loot. Usually the shops are down south near the PA border. shady shit, i fuckin hate people who steal

If ya want, we’ll ram that prick in my car… not like a little front end damage can make the value of my car any lower… it’s already a Cavalier.

Good thing you caught that prick in time, you’ve got too nice of a car to fall into the hands of some slimey prick.

Speaking of your car, whatcha think of the plates “BADAZZ24” for the Cavy? :headbang:

Cavy has more value than my Taurus. And Turner totaled a semi with an SHO. I say we take my ATX and crash some cars. :slight_smile:

My father drives a tow truck and not once has he ever said, even jokingly, “haha we could take that car” or whatever. I don’t understand why weiners with a towing license and truck think they are all mighty and powerful and that piece of plastic gives them the power to do as they feel. Shit like that gives honest people in the automotive industry, especially mechanics and such, a bad rep. Glad you caught them in the act. Now beat some ass.

I’ve seen your car once, if I remember it right, it didn’t look bad at all…

Matter of fact, I met you when I was still with my ex, and that stupid bitch called me asking when the fuck I was coming home etc…

God I’m glad she’s gone.

This is true. I remember like 4 phone calls and you getting pissed about it :lol: The car is okay I guess. The new one >>>>>> the 94, by far. Trying to dump the 94 now to pay off bills and start my build. :slight_smile:

dont worry about that :snky:

So what have you done about it??? I would make a complaint with the Amherst police at least.

I did that the first day it happened Don

That blows hardcore…

that happened once at my high school… no one thought anything about it.

dont get pissy with me i didnt try to steal your car:P not that it would get far anyways…lol

I wasnt getting pissy with ya, musta just sounded that way, but you are right… it would not get far with you driving :rofl:

I meant with you working on it it might not get too far…oh forget it :stuck_out_tongue: