my car got stolen...

I walked out of my house at 6:20 this morning only to see that my car was not there. Naturally I close my eyes thinking maybe it is just a dream…but when i open them the car is still no where to be seen. then i think maybe someone was trying to play a joke on me by moving my car…i look up and down my street…nothing. then i start to cry…more like hyperventilate and call the police. they say they didn’t tow it so they were gonna send an officer over to get all the information…so of course i’m freaking out…then i get a call back 20 minutes later and they say that they did tow it…well atleast it is ok. the plates were still registered for my beater and never switched over(oops)…i have no idea why they would be randomly running plates on the quiet street i live on?? well all day of running around trying to fix everything and 100 bucks later my car is home safe!

Ahh! Glad it’s all safe now :slight_smile:

yeah…this morning was nuts…sucks either way…but atleast the cops have it and not some asshole hooligan out on the street stipping it for parts…

glad its safe :slight_smile:

i was so upset for you …ready to beat someones ass, lol…with a tire rod :lol:

oh my god

never been so happy to get to the end of a post, glad it only got towed :eek: car’s way too hot to have that happen.

but since you’ve already est’d that the cops in your area are kinda ridiculous anyways, i wouldn’t put it past them. wow that would suck.

You slacker!!! Glad it wasn’t stolen. :slight_smile:

oh damn! when i saw the title of the thread i immediately thought ‘oh no… :(’

at least its safe :tup:

WOW glad it’s home safe!

yeah… naturally the first thing i think of when i can’t find my car is that i’m dreaming.

OMG wow!

I was like no wayyyy

Tsk Tsk get those plates taken care of!

meathead :slight_smile:

if i found out the sti was stolen id probably be happy.

can i steal it?

Phew. Glad it is ok!

On a sad note, the ricer blow off valve did not get stolen now… Doh!! :rofl:

:tup: glad to see it was not le stolen.

wow… i was shocked when i started reading this thread… damnit stairs! take care of your dmv shit!

glad it worked out ok :smiley:

^yeah no shit… there’s enough shit being stolen around here. Glad it all worked out, now go to the damn DMV and fix that.

hey hey…the ricer bov has been gone for a while…i still miss it though :frowning:

*and all the DMV stuff is sorted out…thanks everyone for the cares

Wow, I myself started hyperventilating. Whew.

phew, i remember when i got the call back from the police when my car was stolen. all they said was we found it, but it’s been stripped :frowning: atleast you got yours back in one piece