Supplement non-medical advice thread

Might as well start a thread to see what you guys have tried and hear about individual experiences.

I have been taking a mix of things based on internet reqs from the likes of Huberman.

Morning time
I take 2/day.

I like it. My sweat smells like maple syrup and i’m not kidding. I started on this one when looking for testosterone enhancing supplements and there may be something to the uh… romantical impact.

I dont test for testosterone because im cheap, so ill never know.

Creatine powder:
I add ~5g in a bottle of vitamin water almost every day.

Not sure of any effects. I was hoping for improved cognative function* something or other.
If get back into anybsprt of fitness attempt it might be better.

5000 IU vitamin D3.
Meh. Not sure how i would know if it works.
Zinc 50 mg.
Same as D3

B12. I think i notice when i dont take it.
A bit more pep in my morning step*

Not sure. Started before using skyrizi for psoriasis and it did not help that but maybe its good?

Acetyl l-carnitine
Unknown. I do t work out and im fat so i have pretty much stopped taking it.

Magnesium from amazon with with l-treonate, bisglycinate and malate or something.: again hoping for some pep in the morning. Hard to say it works. I think it helps, but its hard to say.

Sleepy time stuff.
I cant really tell. Maybe i sleep better. I tend to toss and turn most of the night unless i drink way too much.

Hard to say*.

  • means i drink enough but at different daily rates to effect my sleep and morning performance.

Off shore Modafinil(modalert):
Found some on the road and it definitely helps with focus.
Makes me sweat more than usual but if i don’t work out it’s less. But…pancakes…

Used it a bunch more back when i was on work travel and trying to get an MBA.
I try not to use it because the rabbit holes get deep unless you have the self discipline to focus on useful shit.

400 mg helped me get through what was basically a 42 hour work day. 7 hours were in the car so i could raid a plant for spare parts 3.5 hours from my project site.

It was christmas week so i was not going to send everyone home for the holiday and come back in January. I’m an asshole for sure.

What sort of regimen do you use.for what goals?


Great idea, I’ve just started down this but will update tomorrow

I don’t take many supplements. I try to get my nutrients from food. But I take turmeric for the health benefits. We make our own capsules here. We bought a bag of turmeric powder on eBay for like 20 bucks, a capsule machine, and buy gelcaps in packs of 1000. 1 pill a day. It’s really good for sore joints and other assorted ailments. It has anti-inflammatory properties too.

I know it’s not supplement related but we do ice baths 2 times a week when we are into our gym routines. We typically take Nov-Jan off from the gym though. The ice baths are AMAZING for recovery. I go into everything with a pessimistic mind, but can honestly say that the ice baths do indeed work as intended. I just don’t believe it’s something that you should do every day. Just my personal opinion. We use a small inflatable tub, and we have generic plastic tubs from the dollar store, that we fill with water and then freeze. 3 of these big bowls of ice can get the tub down to the mid 50’s.

Lift fairly heavy, minimal cardio. I’m 40 now and lift just to maintain my size, although im debating to try getting bigger this spring.
On a fairly low carb, high protein and fat diet.
I use creatine, fenugreek and a daily multi. Also drink 3-4 sugar free monsters a day, 600mg caffeine.
Good blood work and blood pressure, which i mostly atribute to the low carb diet.

It’s nice to see someone else uses fenugreek. Ironically, its is also used for breast feeding. Maybe that helped me put on some weight :smiley:

I will eventually get back to working out. It is just way too easy to work through lunch and skip the fitness center and also procrastinate on the hundreds of little things I have to do around the house.

I have tried others, but do not take them regularly.

L-Arginine: The ones I have don’t taste great and you need 5 of them.
In general, I feel like they help with circulation. Like everything else, exercise would help.

Acetyl L-Carnitine:
Didn’t really notice any cognitive help.

Tongkat Ali: I stopped using it because I don’t exercise

Fadogia Agrestis: Same story
I need to fat shame myself into some exercise.

With all the crap I’ve tried, I should have taken notes.

yep, fenugreek is the creatine of 30 years ago IMO.
Great results with 0 side effects and super cheap.

Lion’s mane already added to coffee.
24 for $11 with subscribe and save

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I took alpha brain for about 2 months, seemed to help both with memory and muscle response. I stopped it and i did seem to go back to ‘normal’.

Now im on fenugreek, creatine and lions mane. Seems like a decent combo for me. Working out regularly has helped a ton. I think 30+ min of cardio really helps my brain. 15 min. Warm up, Lift heavy, 10/8/8/6 sets, then 30-60m of cardio. I was at an all time high of about 258, around 240 right now but much more muscle mass. Goal is to get down to 215ish.

Once I run out of LM I might try alpha brain again.

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I’ve really been cranking on my diet/nutrition the past 2 months. When I’m below 100 carbs/day I will lose 1lb every 2 days. I tried it just to get cut up and also to see if it had any mental benefits. I will say that after 3-4 days of sub-100 carbs I will get a real mild headache. Not anything that warrants an advil or anything, but noticeable. When I’m in that “zone” my focus is incredible. I can only describe it as hyper-aware. I’m going to try to time it properly when I’m doing a national level race out of state. Get my mind into that zone and see if it helps my driving. Other than that effect I don’t like it because I can’t put on any weight or maintain any fullness in the gym.


Cutting out carbs makes me feel so much better

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I havent seen you in years, when did you get jacked?

lol I’ve been all over the place, I like being strong, but I wouldn’t say I’m jacked. Especially now with kids it’s though. I try to hit the gym up as much as I can

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If you guys get a chance, go ahead and watch “The Magic Pill”. It’s a documentary about low-carb eating and the insane medical benefits of it, when applied to all sorts of people, with medical conditions.


I’ve been diced and shredded since 2013 (The year my first gf dumped me, headed right to the gym). I keep carbs on the lower end (200ish a day).

Animal Flex every morning otherwise my tendonitis flares up, been a miracle cure for me
1/2 serving of Flash point + 1/2 serviing of Non Stim PMP before gym (caffeine, vitamins typical pre workout)

magnesium and zinc before bed

biotin/keratin/saw palmetto before dinner for hair/skin/nails

Pretty much it, most it gets pissed out I’m sure

BFLOHydration on hertel for a B12 injection occasionally