Syria. Algeria. Jordan. Yemen. Sudan..... and LABIA... err... Libya


lol you’ve got to admit Ghadaffi’s got style.

The Amazonian Guard is an elite group of 30-40 (reports differ) allegedly virgin women who are tasked with protecting the leader of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.[1]
Candidates for the Amazonian Guard undergo extensive firearms and martial arts training at a special academy and must be hand picked by Gaddafi himself. Members of this elite group are allowed privileges not deemed acceptable in the Muslim world, such as dressing in Western-style fatigues and wearing makeup, or displaying Western hair styles and high heels.
The existence of this elite group has created controversy as it challenges the role of women in the Muslim world.

A lot of them are beastly, but some are hot.

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I don’t see any hot ones Fry…


Blond, second from right, bottom pic. I’d hit it with an M4 carbine.


Oh, I skimmed his link. She must be a prop since most of them are nasty.


The first two from the right in the bottom pic… I’d violate their civil rights. :rimshot:


So you guys think we’re going into Libya? Europe seems to want no-fly zone which won’t happen without us, which also won’t happen unless we take out their defenses, which could lead to boots on the ground.


i think its awesome and humbling to see the US take a back seat on this one… i hope it’s becuase they’re focused on the homefront / economy

it’s also awesome to hear about ‘rebel forces’ and in this car they’re the good guys :slight_smile:


I think they’re worried that US intervention would illegitimize whatever gov’t wins out in this struggle with the locals since they’d be permanently tied to the West. And for obvious reasons, we don’t want to just take out Kadaffi and then bounce.


apparently the momentum is shifting heavily in favour of the state forces. LINK

there is a better article on the reuters app, i cant find it on the site… that link is just a snippet of the whole thing.


So here we are now with the Ghadaffi forces about to re-take the last city. This was a damned if we do, damned if we don’t situation but if we didn’t plan on helping, Obama shouldn’t have said Ghadaffi had to go in public IMO.


As usual, Ron Paul summed up Libya well.

No-Fly Won’t Fly Constitutionally
Last week we once again heard numerous voices calling for intervention in Libya. Most say the US should establish a “no-fly” zone over Libya, pretending that it is a benign, virtually cost-free action, and the least we could do to assist those trying to oust the Gaddaffi regime. Let us be clear about one thing: for the US to establish a “no fly” zone over all or part of Libya would constitute an act of war against Libya. Establishing any kind of military presence in the sovereign territory of Libya will require committing troops to engage in combat against the Libyan air force, as well as anti-aircraft systems. The administration has stated that nothing is off the table as they discuss US responses to the unrest. This sort of talk is alarming on so many levels. Does this mean a nuclear strike is on the table? Apparently so.

In this case, I would like to make sure we actually follow the black letter of the law provided in the Constitution that explicitly grants Congress the sole authority to declare war. This week I will introduce a concurrent resolution in the House to remind my colleagues and the administration that Congress alone, not the president, decides when to go to war. It is alarming how casually the administration talks about initiating acts of war, as though Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution does not exist. Frankly, it is not up to the President whether or not we intervene in Libya, or set up “no-fly” zones, or send troops. At least, it is not if we follow the Constitution. Even by the loose standards of the War Powers Resolution, which cedes far too much power to the president, he would have no authority to engage in hostilities because we have not been attacked – not by Gaddafi, and not by the rebels. This is not our fight. If the administration wants to make it our fight, let them make their case before Congress and put it to a vote. I would strongly oppose such a measure, but that is the proper way to proceed.

Constitutional questions aside, Congress also needs to consider the interests of the American people. Again, we have not been attacked. Whatever we may think about the Gaddafi regime, we must recognize that the current turmoil in Libya represents an attempted coup d’etat in a foreign country. Neither the coup leaders nor the regime pose an imminent threat to the United States and therefore, as much as we abhor violence and loss of life, this is simply none of our business. How can we commit our men and women in uniform to a dangerous military operation in Libya when they swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution? We must also understand that our intervention will undermine the legitimacy of whatever government prevails in Libya. Especially if it is a bad government, it will be seen as our puppet and further radicalize people in the region against us. These are terrible reasons to put our soldiers’ lives at risk.

Finally we need to consider the economic cost. We don’t have the money for more military interventions overseas. We don’t have the money for our current military interventions overseas. We have to rely on the Fed’s printing presses and our ability to borrow from China to fund these wars. That alone should put an end to any discussion about getting involved in Libya’s civil war.



If we bill the rebels for our services in oil, go for it. Otherwise it costs too damn much, let the hot broad guard keep bombing them.


The administration has stated that nothing is off the table as they discuss US responses to the unrest. This sort of talk is alarming on so many levels.

I don’t think it alarming. It’s obvious the administration doesn’t want to do anything about it and it should be obvious to Ron Paul. All they’re doing is trying to play both sides and using the UN as their excuse to sit on the fence.

What will be interesting is if the UN comes to a consensus to support a no fly zone. Then what will we do? Actually, I know that answer too; we won’t do anything because the opposition will have lost by then, lol.

Hell, while other countries were evacuating their people from Libya with warships, we chartered a Ferry to get US citizens out… and it couldn’t leave the port for a few days because of bad weather, lol.

I don’t think we’re going into Libya in any capacity.


It’s alarming because we have such a recent history of going to war without any regard to the constitution. You’ve got to admit that if McCain had won we’d probably have boots on the ground in Libya right now.


He was saying the statement that “nothing is off the table” is alarming, when all it really means in political talk is “we don’t really know what to do yet, so we’re not committed to anything.”

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No fly zone approved by the UN. Looks like we’ll be going in after all… at least in some capacity.

The funny thing is some are saying we can’t establish the no-fly zone for about a week when it’s obvious the opposition on the ground doesn’t have that long.


surprised that Ghaddafi is going to remain in control after all this…

the media made it out to be a pretty 50/50 thing a couple weeks back.

is there an accurate death toll yet?

i can’t imagine trying to get back to normalcy after all this.


I would have said that too had I not read my last post :wink:

Now that we’re going in on a no-fly zone I’d say things are back to 50/50.


but by the time the no fly zone gets set up he’ll have made more progress…

even without the air power his forces are still better equipped and beter trained.


I agreed to a point. The opposition was already able to take half the country once despite the pro-Ghaddafi forces being better trained. And when ordered to bomb civilians, Libyan pilots defected and landed their planes out-of-country. Some ground troops have already defected, maybe more will if it gets bloody? So who knows really.


Uggh. If so much as one American solider crosses into Libya I’m registering as a Libertarian.