Syria. Algeria. Jordan. Yemen. Sudan..... and LABIA... err... Libya


As President Obama prepares to speak this afternoon on the situation in Libya, a quick look at recent polls show Americans overwhelmingly do not support military intervention.

A CNN/Opinion Research poll finds 74% believe the United States should “leave it to others” to resolve the situation in Libya.

A Pew Research survey finds 65% think the United States doesn’t have the responsibility to do something about the fighting in Libya.

A Fox News poll finds 65% oppose the U.S. military getting involved.

I’d like to think Obama would keep that in mind before committing to that kind of decision.


Are you counting boots on the ground only or planes in the air?

Agreed. But it seems like Hillary has been a major hawk on this issue:


I’m saying if we don’t stay the fuck out of it I’m going to be pissed. The people don’t want it. We can’t afford it financially. Our brothers and sisters shouldn’t be sent into harms way so carelessly.

That’s why the constitution explicitly leaves waging war to Congress, aka the voice of the people. Deploying troops into a sovereign nation is an act of war that the people don’t want so the constitution is supposed to protect us from this exact situation. Which is why I’m saying I’ll join the Libertarian party. They’re the only ones who even seem to know what is in the constitution, much less want to follow it.


Hey I’m with ya. But some people put more weight on the UN, “new world / one world order” and international consensus. I’m not an isolationist, nor am I someone who thinks the international communities opinions should dictate US policy. But Obama already said weeks ago that Ghaddafi should go and we didn’t do anything about it. Now Ghaddafi has 90% of the country back. So is it worth it to help out after we sat back and watched? Time will tell I guess. We need to either shit or get off the pot.


One of the Fox cameramen went up on the roof of their hotel during an attack and captured the opposition forces shooting down a mig:

I can’t find the video yet but I’m sure it will be up soon. The plane crashed into a neighborhood.


And now we’re shooting; lobbing missiles in. Does that count for you Fry? :slight_smile:

Canada might actually beat us to the air war and they’re committing more fighters at the moment than we are. They’ve got 6 F-16s, and my brother is currently stationed at Aviano AFB in northern Italy where it looks like we’ve committed 5 F-18s.


112 cruise missiles fired all together I think I read. Pretty sweet they said the air time of the missiles was around an hour.
If we are gonna be getting involved, its nice to see that we will at least be using our technology first and not sending in ground troops.

Wish this topic was on nyspeed. lol I’d like to keep up on the discussion here but God knows i probably won’t be back on politisucks for another month. :fu:


Before we entered Iraq and Afghanistan we used technology to clear the way and disable their forces as well. I really hope we don’t get all too involved in this situation. Although just doing what we already have does nothing but strain relations with certain nations and the middle east in general.

However I find this complete shit.
I find that we are still fighting in Afghanistan shit
I also find that we still have as many forces in Iraq shit.

I really hoped that Obama would put an end to at least some of this stuff and ohhhh i don’t know, focus on the United States?




No one is saying what the end-game here is either. Iraq is all set, Afghanistan is still iffy but what’s going to happen here? Are we going to take out Ghaddafi? Who are these opposition forces and what kind of government do they want? Are we going to help them build a new government (officially?)

The Canadian PM says he hopes that after we take out his arms Ghaddafi will surrender. That sounds a bit too hopeful for me.


Better pic. Also, not only did they shoot down a MIG, but they shot down THEIR OWN MIG. :ham:

I also talked to my brother today who tells me it’s crazy at his base. People are saying that’s where the Canadians are too, but he hasn’t seen them yet and hasn’t noticed the flags on the jets. He can sure hear them taking off though.


Fucking fuck. No lie, Obama just lost my vote for reelection. We have absolutely no fucking business getting involved in this. Fuck.


Not happy about this, but hope we get in, missile the shit out of it, he steps down, and we GTFO. Think Kosovo and Milosevic.


I like that the Arab League is now stepping back and saying “maybe this is a bad idea…” after first supporting it, lol.

But hey, Obama is at least uniting the country; many Dems and Republicans are both saying this isn’t good. I just watched an interview with Dennis Kucinich who pointed out this Obama quote;

No self defense in this case.


Nope. He has no constitutional authority to act as the UN’s lap dog.

Of course there are still ass bags like Lindsey Graham pushing for us to do more, saying we should take the lead in removing Ghadaffi and installing our own puppet, er, leader.


Well now that we’re in, I’d prefer that we take the guy out rather than leave him in power. Otherwise what are we doing? Using them to target practice?


Now that we’re in I think we should get out immediately.


You don’t get out of labia once you’re in until you finish your business. Unless we’re playing just the tip.


Just the tip is just a way around objections to a full insertion, so yeah Obama is playing just the tip with our military and all of us. “No really we’re just going to fire ON Libya, I promise we won’t actually go in.”


fire on the stomach ftw


I can’t agree with that. It’s too late to just pull out and say “woops my bad.” I don’t think we had any right to go in, but Gaddafi has a dark history that we might as well put an end to while we’re there:

For those who don’t remember, here’s a quick summary of the atrocities that took place in the war in Sierra Leone in the 1990s. In pursuit of diamonds, timber and gold, Sankoh, backed by Taylor, backed by Gaddafi, invaded Sierra Leone and instituted a campaign of terror, cutting off the arms and other body parts of civilians to frighten the country into compliance. Rape was a widespread weapon of war, and according to reporting by one human rights organization, Sankoh’s troops played a game where they would bet on the sex of a baby being carried by a pregnant captive, then cut the fetus out of the woman to determine its gender.

Good article from February.