Syria. Algeria. Jordan. Yemen. Sudan..... and LABIA... err... Libya


F15e down due to mechanical problems. It’s cool though, they’re obsolete anyway. Pilots are safe.


It worked in Somalia. Besides, two wrongs don’t make a right. We shouldn’t be there. We shouldn’t stay there.


Somalia is apples-to-oranges when compared to this. Multiple warloards, US troops on the ground, etc. It parallels this event though because our government also said “We’ll take the lead, but hand-off command and control to the UN” when it’s obvious we’re the only ones who can pull it off.

“We weren’t out (of Somalia), but we pretended like we were out,” noted General Freeman.,13190,NI_Somalia_0104,00.html


I don’t know that they’re that different. We got involved in a civil war that had jack shit to do with us because the UN thought it was a good idea. The Somali people didn’t want us there. The whole thing was communicated poorly to the American people.

Until they saw bodies of dead soldiers being dragged through the streets. Then we got out.

I think we should just forgo the whole “helping people who don’t want it” and avoid dead American soldiers and go straight to GTFO.

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lol McCain thinks we should be giving the rebels weapons and training them. I’m not happy with Obama, but thank God McCain didn’t win. We’d have a 3rd fucked up nation building undeclared middle eastern war right now.


Have we ever given rebels weapons and trained them anywhere in the middle east and NOT had them use said weapons and training against us later on?


Nope, lol.


Good old Johnny Mac. At least he had Palin to be a voice of reason with her thoughts on the Bush Doctrine and how it applies to this scenario. :roflpicard:


So we’re done lobbing missiles until the next time. :picard:

Clinton would also not comment on whether or not the U.S. believes Qaddafi can be ousted from power.
“I don’t want to make any predictions because we are taking this one step at a time. I don’t want to jump beyond where we are right now,” she said. “Now obviously, if we want to see a stable, peaceful, hopefully someday democratic Libya, it is highly unlikely that can be accomplished if he stays in power as he is.”

So we have no objective. We’re just lobbing missiles at a foreign country because it was the cool thing to do. Disgusting. Am I missing something or was this whole military action not even discussed in congress, but rather just ordered by the president?

On the bright side, at least a_ahmed isn’t in here anymore. I’m sure he’d be losing his mind over imperial America’s evil plan for world domination. I can’t imagine the shit he’d be spewing.


Intrade is giving him a 70%+ chance of being pushed out by December, lol.




it’s not the US leading this is it?

i thought the French and some others were getting their bomb on?


We’re in command right now because no one else has the capability to do it, or has done it before. Best case is they hand it off to NATO… and my brother gets a ribbon for it, lol.


And France done blowed up a Libyan plane. I think that means they’re “it” and have to lead this clusterfuck now.



So now NATO is in charge! But wait… isn’t NATO pretty much 90% US anyways? lol

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aaaaannnndddd, WINNING:

Charlie Sheen isn’t an F-18, but he is an EC-130 cargo plane specially configured for psy-ops. Some EC-130 flights over Libya have been going by the call-sign “SHEEN”— as in, “SHEEN 53, what’s your altitude?”


Uggh. So how many millions of dollars did we waste on Libya? We don’t have the resources to go in on foot to topple Ghaddaffi and rebuild the country, so we lobbed some missiles and called it a day, which wasn’t enough. Loyalists are already gaining ground quickly. So it was all for nothing unless we do something really stupid like invade.

I wonder what the real story is. There’s two sides to this. It’s not Gadaffi vs every single person in Libya, we just picked the side that’s not loyal to him. I assume the majority want him gone but are out-gunned by those loyal to him, but I wonder how much of the country really want him out vs how much of the country are now sworn enemies of the United States and are by the way staying in power.

Fuck we should have stayed out. It’s none of our business.


i am sure you spent at least 1000 times more in Iraq than you have here so far.

that doesnt justify it, but the bush comparisons in the media are hiliarious.


Well Obama signed a finding that authorities the CIA in Libya to support the rebels (reported by Reuters.) And we know special forces are already on the ground because you can’t designate targets to some of the ordnance they’re using over there from the sky. So it’s fair to say we’re in there already.

Here’s a good snippet by David Frum (a Canadian, BTW):




Bump. The rebels have raised their flag in Tripoli and Ghadaffi’s gone into hiding. Congrats to Libya.

Now all eyes on Syria while we wait and see what rises from Tripoli’s ashes…