Syria. Algeria. Jordan. Yemen. Sudan..... and LABIA... err... Libya


NK is just gradually depriving their people over decades. Their chem-weapon has always been just testing and never on another nation and certainly not on their own people.

I’m not an American but man am i ever hoping to see the US police the world in this case… it’s not a syria thing… it’s a “you realize you exist at a time in human evolution where chem weapon use is not okay and that you can be held accountable for it right?” thing.


I wasn’t taking about NK’s chemical weapons. Rather how both regimes answer political opposition by simply killing them.


And at this point IMO we’re definitely going in. But nothing happens in a vacuum, so quote this post when some Syrian Assad loyalist bombs US property or persons.

Going to be a hell of a fireworks show though… in part paid for my yours truly, lol :usa:


civil war over politics is just part of a nation’s growing pains. it will always happen.

using chemical weapons on your own people because they oppose your rule is nuts…

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It’s a crime under international law / Geneva convention to kill civilians in either manor.

So some (Putin, etc.) are making the argument that the REBELS are the ones who used the chem weapons on their own people to invoke us to act… but I haven’t seen any talk of evidence of this. Anyone else hear anything?

We’ve got the Israeli intelligence intercepting communications from Assad loyalists before & after the attack referencing chem weapons, and supposedly we’ve confirmed the weapons were launched from Assad controlled territory. But is Putin just talking out of his ass? :gotme:


This just shows what a puppet the POTUS is. There is no way the BHO from 6 years ago would want to strike Syria but he no longer controls the strings. I am pretty sure a disproportionate number of the “higher ups” in DC who have dual citizenship with Israel want this to happen. Just sayin.

Just my crazy 2 cents. :smiley:



Anyone paying attention to the drama today? This is unreal. We (the US) look like a bunch of idiots. :ham:






“The law is still the law, and we must follow it whether we like it or not.”

He obviously does not know our President.


i love how you can take something written or at least endorsed by Putin that is clearly opposite to his own track record and still be negative on Obama over it above all else.


This whole thing started as a fiasco and is becoming a circus. The usual government and media spin is making the US look like a bunch of ass hats (well, we are though aren’t we?) I can hardly wait to see how this ends.


I am not interested in competing for the rank of captain obvious. Also, I would never expect you to be able to understand my perspective anyway. Obama is not your leader.