Syria. Algeria. Jordan. Yemen. Sudan..... and LABIA... err... Libya


Why are Americans in Libya? We need to just GTFO, it is not worth losing lives.



Yet we won’t pull diplomatic relations, or even stop donating aid. Just like Pakistan.

Nice that we’re sending the moderates of Libya a message that there are no international repurcussions for tolerating extremists.


This event and our response to it is getting uglier all the time.

I don’t want to go to war and wouldn’t support military action against Libya, but truth be told since when is storming an embassy and murdering a country’s ambassador not an act of war? Maybe our response should be less “it’s OK we know you’re not all extremists” and more “fuck all ya’ll we’re out.”

:frowning: I miss Bush. This reminds me why I supported the war in Afghanistan and was glad we had a Texan in office in 2001, no matter how it turned out in the end.


Well it turns out this was BS and rather than spawned by a video it was a planned terrorist attack as evidenced by several factors that you can Google if you really want… And the FBI STILL isn’t in there to check it out. Hell, CNN got in and found the ambassadors journal which expresses his concern for his safety. Uhg.

Oh, and Turkey has authorized force and is now shelling Syria after being hit first by Syria for whatever reason. A NATO country is potentially moving towards a war. Double ugh.


Syria used chem weapons today, maybe?


Woah, really? Which side? Assad or rebel?


No one knows yet. You know how everyone over there likes to point fingers, lol.


any sources online?


Seems likely that they did use Chlorine based on that, but who knows. I’m sure we’ll find out.


Anyone else following this?

Seems like it has the potential to be a bad time.


It would cost us less money to drop a bunch of guns and ammo, put up a chain link fence and let em go at it.


We’re fucked no matter what we do…


We could just stay out of it :slight_smile:

I mean we fixed Iraq there are no more bombings, shootings, etc oh wait there still is the news just doesn’t cover it.

The US gets in the middle of religion based conflicts and no matter what happens radical whoever ends up hating the US.


But then Obama couldn’t join the brotherhood in the battle against Syria…:tinfoilhat:


its not a good move.


i basically agreed with staying out of this whole thing until this chemical weapons shit that happened this past week.

chemical weapons being used on civilians is serious shit. it’s something that cannot go unpunished… otherwise there would be no reason NOT to use chemical weapons if all you have to do is be threaty and brown.


It’s a hard call no doubt. However…

Politicians who are now eager to go after Assad for killing 1,400 people with chem weapons (single attack), but didn’t want to go after Saddam who killed 6,800 people with chem weapons (single attack) make me :picard:

Politicians who are now using US intelligence as justification for an attack on Syria, but decried the use of US intelligence as justification for an attack on Iraq make me :picard:

Politicians who want us to “punish” Syria, but also don’t think we should act as “world police” make me :picard:

The only way I agree with an attack is if there is a significant threat of these weapons getting into the hands of radicals. And if that was even a remote possibility, Israel would have already taken them out since they’re a much more likely / possible target than the US.


The politicians aren’t what crosses my mind.

I just think of all the innocent women and children cuaght up in this crap and how helpless they are. At this point you can’t trust the rebels or the gov. I think these people and other nations are hoping the US will step in and shock them back to sanity.

But then again most nations went through civil conflict like this at some point.

There are good arguements for and against any action.


It’s just amazing how people will ignore the 100,000+ deaths so far, then get all fired up about 1,400 just because of HOW they were killed. Dead people are dead people regardless of how they died.

Arguments saying we better go in now or more people will die don’t square in the broader context of how long it’s been going on and the inaction so far by those making the arguments.

If we’re going to make foreign policy based on perceived morals, at least be consistent. And in those regards take a look at North Korea…