tabbed browsing with IE?

i cant stand mozilla and it never installing plug ins and displaying shit wrong. i need tabbed browsing for IE fucking now.

any ideas

Netscape ok with you?

It has tabs

nope, hate it

i want ie (because it works) and tabs

and a beer, and a nap
adn boobs

netscape well…then it’s just the same engine as mozila firefox

yea. tabbed browsing in IE > mozilla…

IE is the worst browser known to man. Learn to use mozilla = win.

yeah I heart Mozilla, for the most part everything is working, only here and there things are broken, not enough for me to care

Firefox is Teh W!N

i :heart: firefox

ie 7 will have it.

patience you sexy man :kiss:

firefox sucks.

i used it for the last 6 months and can no longer stand the song and dance involved with getting a fucking plug in to install properly. there is a reason i run windows and not linux… because i dont want to fucking deal with the bullshit.
firefox = dirty ass

yea i know ie 7 will have it, i was think maybe someone made something for the current version.

dont be makin shit up now :roll:

ha…word on the firefox too…

i’m not a big fan of netscape system since a long time ago…they way they load images and all that just doesn’t cut it…

IE7, eh? let’see…

IMHO…internet craps (spyware, blabla) usually comes to your computer trough p0rn…i got craps on my computer because of it…

if you only browse legit/normal stuffs…i don’t think you need to worry about security…even with IE…

Try Avant Browser… it’s based on IE, has tabbed browsing, and a lot of other features. It’s worth a shot at least.

Yea, i really don’t understand how people suck off firefox so much, it fucking sucks for most of the web. Plugins never work, almost 90% of websites use IE SPECIFIC tools!

Also you can try MyIE i believe its called, its a tabbed browser, and you don’t have to worry about fucking around with “Anti-Microsoft” nerd browsers :stuck_out_tongue:

thats the one i was looking for. i saw it a while back


Firefox sucks for the web… thats funny. You work in this industry dont you? Its a shame.

what is tabbed browsing for us computer illiterate peeps who happen to stumble across this thread???

lol IE blows

mozilla :tup:

Yes, i do work in the industry, and it does suck for pretty much of the web. Try supporting firefox on users that don’t know how things work, see how many calls you get “This webpage wont work, this application doesnt work”.

Ok, it may not be the target of security problems, since it is not as widely used… it is not widely used because it’s useless for so many reasons. If there was more support for it, and it was more compatible for the web, it would be great. But its not.

Don’t argue about this in my thread. You cant spell mozilla or homo without mo. Coincidence? I think not :slight_smile:

and firefox… flamer… see the coralation?