Tell us about your Radar Detector!

Hi guys!

I’m kind of in the market for new radar detector…

can you drop some ideas about them?


  1. what you got…
  2. what you planning to get…
  3. what you always really want to get but no $$
  4. stories about No. 1 saved ur a$$…


Get a V1


^want that…but i guess it falls under the no $$ category…

some people also said they’re not that perfect as advertised…

heard about Beltronics Radar Detector…vector something? seems like they’re steep too…

but yea…i know, u got what u pay, right?

I’ve used both the V1 and Passport 8500, and IMO the V1 is much better.

I’ll be buying a V1 soon :tup:

Escort Passport 8500…

200 bux used. Haven’t had a speeding ticket since. Which is 100% better than I was doing.

:word:…i can tell you now…

everybody will tell u to get V-JUAN!!! and if not that…passport 8500 is the next one on that list

ok…escort 8500…im also doin a research about it, hehe

anyway, what does it means with v1.8 and POP upgrade (V1)?

thanx for the opinion guys! keep em coming =)

i’ve been waiting for a used v1 to go on sale for awhile

might just have to suck it up and buy new off their site with the sneaky hidden displays


wait a month or two and save up for it. trust me, its worth it.


yea…on the other forum, peeps over there also vouch for V1…

anybody here can take a pic of their setup? maybe with the hidden display thingie?

i’ve seen them on the ebay…but curious how they works…lol

Used v1s go for about as much as a new one, I looked for awhile on ebay and they were selling for like 25-50 under new price. Just buy a new one

wtf only 50 bucks cheaper? thats rediculous

hopefully they arent on backorder

ok…any good place to buy em? lol…

pics of the setup in ur car will be greatly appreciated! lol

I’m next mod will be getting the V1

V1 >*


Ive got a cheapo Cobra that I bought for like $50

It is nowhere near as good as a V1 or anything but it has saved me COUNTLESS times now, its especially great if you are traveling on the 90 a lot where it is nice and straight.

too bad we can’t start a V1 group buy :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like there are more than enough of us

and cal, afaik you can only get them off their website

before any valentine loyalists browbeat me, i have owned a v1 since 1997, and it has saved me countless times. recently, i upgraded to a newer model on 9/03. over the course of a month, i drove 5400 highway miles and was annoyed with the new unit enough to send it back with one caveat: fix it if its broken but otherwise send my old unit back. this thing was a falsing machine in all bands - x, k, ka and laser. waaaaaaay more than the older unit and waaaaay too much to stand. no amount of fiddling with the custom programming could overcome it. valentines tech support told me that LED brake lights, neon signs, and sprint pcs phones that are searching for a signal will cause this unit to false. i wanted to cry because i have been a staunch defender of valentine forever.

what do guys think about this guy’s review?

he said he’s been using it from 97…maybe that’s because the flaw of the old V1…?

^thanx for the info, man =) i’m also browsing on their website right now, lol :tup:

i have a POS cheap cobra, i will be getting valentine v1.8 or escort 8500x50 very soon

V1 own jo0 aLL