The Healthcare Reform Thread


you mean, insurance companys cant deny me coverage anymore, for a condition i didnt cause and had no control over ? fucking finally.

the only time they should be allowed to deny people coverage is when they do it to themselves.
Like if a smoker gets lung cancer, tough shit buddy. Next time you wont be an idiot, oh wait.


All student loans will now go through the Dept of Education. Just another segment of the economy they stole from the American people. I gotta think the banks wanted this though because student loans get defaulted on quite often. After seeing what DC has done for the banks I think they will do just about anything for them.


Now I’m trying to figure out what this will mean in the long run? Will the rates be locked? What if a person can’t keep up with the bills? Will they restrict the loan amounts?
Obviously the government will get a good share of $$$ from the interest on the loans this way.


i agree with that part of the bill lol, just not most of the rest of it… anyone know when this mandate to have health insurance will go into effect? I have to figure out how this will effect me and when (I don’t have health insurance, and can’t afford it, but i live at home still, and i’m not a student).


Well considering they are mandating everyone, including our parents, you can sit on your parents insurance til your 26, after that, pay the 750$ fine if you cant afford it, or get on medicade.


^If the IRS lets you. Do you honestly think you will not be paying if you have a job? From what I understand the IRS will be making sure everyone that can pay will pay. AND they will determine how much coverage you need.


:picard: to that framing of the student loan bill. Basically they are taking subsidies that were given to banks to give out student loans and hustle people (Education loans are one of the biggest rackets out there) and converting them to Pell grants and such to go directly to the students. They’re just cutting out the middleman. I don’t see how anyone could be against that unless you work for Nelnet or Sallie Mae.

And health care is 7 months late and nowhere as comprehensive as it should be, but a win is a win. :bigtup:


Wow, NYSpeed must be filled with many very wealthy people…

Either that or very gullible people.


this is my thought…


Gullible enough to believe this joke of a bill is going to reduce the deficit without massively raising taxes?

After reading that I really don’t understand why we even have a CBO. If all they do is rubber stamp baseless savings and revenue projections having them does more harm than good.


No, this is another case of those who actually have money and power have shaped the issues and brainwashed the masses into believing this will hurt them more than help.

Think of this as a start on overhauling a bad system, not the final word.

You sleep, they live.


This country is backwards.


Nope just people who believe in liberty, limited Government and personal accountability. The federal Government is spending $ at a rate which is currently unsustainable. If they don’t find places to cut spending, and buy cut, not 2% here or 5% there, but really cut like 20-30%. Our country will be bankrupt and unable to meet our debt obligations. Not 100 Years from now either, like within the next 15-20 years. Try to think about what that means, for your self. I’m not going to break it all down and spell it out. Look at CA and NY, that will be the USA in the near future.

You all realize that amnesty for illegals is about 3 months away, right? So throw in another 20 Million into the pot. I’m sure that was factored into their cost estimates. :bloated: Enjoy your health care while you can get it. Our system is about to become cluster Fucked real quick. Don’t worry you won’t be denied coverage because you were already sick, but you won’t be able to see the doc for it for 8-10 weeks because they are all booked up with everyone that has a stuffy nose.


What about fat people with high blood pressure or other problems caused by their obesity? Can we charge them? Can we charge parents for having children because they decided to make babies?

Interesting thought pattern.

Why doesn’t the government have to publicize bills before they go up to vote?


I wonder how many people will switch from medical school to law school today. :wink:


meh…as soon as republicans get some control back, they will reverse 90% of the bill.

edit: I should say that above all, I feel bad that a lot offices are going to be closing down and that people are gonna be losing their jobs. Oh well, at least the IRS is hiring right?


That was proposed several months ago when this health care hub-bub started. The republicans put forth a bill that would require all new legislation to be posted on-line for a minimum of 72 hrs before it is to be voted on. The Dems struck it down.


I love how the same government (Democrats) that has told women that their body is no one elses business is now going to force the entire country to buy a product because they believe they should tell us what to do with our bodies.



There, I think I’ve about summed it up.



the rest of the western world, and some of the 2nd and 3rd world countries, are laughing at how hard this was and the fact that you still wont really have what everyone else has.

it’s a good start though. Surprised Obama got it done at all. Good win for him.

not following any of the details in the bill or anything… they could have just modelled it after some scandanavian system or the Canadian system with some improvements, since no system is perfect.