The Healthcare Reform Thread


Saturday Charles Krauthammer said this bill has waaaaaay too many legal problems to make it. I guess we will see what happens, Krauthammer is a pretty knowledgeable guy though.


We should just force people to buy food based on profitability by subsidizing these foods regardless of how unhealthy they are and then having members of the agriculture industry serve on the FDA like most Democrats and Republicans have done for decades!


Looks like they’ll be WAY over their 400k goal. It was at $100k around 9am this morning when I first saw it.

The GOP I guess learned from watching Obama and his little $20 online donations.

good piece from david frum on how this is not getting repealed… once people see it start taking effect going down that path would piss off way too many people who will see the benefits.


Joe, I think you are under-estimating the negative impacts here. Do you actually have any experience in the Health Care industry? The impacts this will have on clinics, hospitals, study labs?

This bill looks great when you have the viewpoint of the consumer, but people that run and own health care organizations are in trouble. As are all of their employees. It’s great that everyone is going to be covered by insurance, that pre-existing conditions will be covered, health insurance companies are going to be kept in check, etc… but those are only that is just scraping the surface.


Mike Huckabee on FauxNews said he talked to over 100 private doctors and could not find one that liked this bill. Like I said before, I wonder how many people will drop out of medical school? All of the doctors in this country will eventually be people from third world countries that you can not even understand which is great when they say the most important thing is doctor/patient communication.


they were saying yesterday that you can only be on your parents insurance till your 26 if you are already on your parents insurance, and i’m not. I can’t go on medicade because i live at home, and my dad makes too much…


I guess he didn’t bother to visit the AMA website.

Historic passage of health system reform by the U.S. House of Representatives today is an important step toward providing coverage to all Americans and improving our nation’s health system. Every day physicians see the devastating effect being uninsured has on the health of our patients. Physicians dedicate their lives to helping patients, and we have an historic opportunity now to do just that. While the House-passed bill isn’t perfect, we cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good when it comes to something as important as the health of Americans.



Running on kicking people off of their parents insurance , re opening the donut hole in medicare, and letting insurance companies discriminate on pre existing conditions is not an electable platform. the bill is purposely designed so the most popular parts kick in first, before this year’s election. republicans put all of their eggs into the killing it basket, but they didn’t. its staying.



You clearly have ZERO experience with the health care industry

I think we are going to be seeing A LOT of retiring doctors this year…At least that is good news for the med school students and young doctors.

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Only time will tell…really


Is the AMA the official voice of private doctors? That is strange that Huckabee couldn’t find one but the AMA thinks it is great.


Huh? Why do you say that? Are you in the industry?

The AMA doesn’t think it’s great. Neither do I, but it is a step in the right direction.


Next on the docket… Amnesty to buy votes then Cap and Trade to pay for this mess.


Medicare cuts will have a HUGE impact on all sorts of health care organizations.

There are tons of orgs that rely solely on medicare as their source of income. Their doors will all be closing. Bye Bye jobs, hello un-employment. That means that not only will their businesses be out, but the companies they buy their supplies from will lose money, the company they lease their equipment from will lose money, the business that accredits their operations will lose money.

Increased taxes on hospitals? LOL great idea. The people that are curing should be taxed? just brilliant.



if this whole effort failed then pretty much everybody’s option of the democrats falls to 0% imho. so if you’re starting from 0% the opinion can only get better. Since it passed we’re starting a lot higher than 0% and it will only get better.

I feel that once people better understand what this does for them on a personal level in regards to cost and benefits, more we grow to like, and those who already wanted it will like it even more.


So, you’re telling me that this legislation will decrease demand for medical care? Also, I’m not understanding how this equates to tax on hospitals.

Granted —>this<— is only a summary, but I couldn’t find anything referring to what you’re talking about in there.


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Saw it an article somewhere


I love this! Bravo

It’s actually refreshing to see honesty exhibited instead of pig-headed pursuit.

I’d be interested in looking at the article if you ever track it down.

BTW: If anyone is interested in reading an article on potential effects to providers see:


Maybe some of you should read the bill instead of commenting and arguing over 2nd hand opinion.