The Healthcare Reform Thread


The US Tax Code is the law? What I sent you is law from the US House, not the IRS.


Ok we are getting really close, now show me where it says everyone has to pay income tax.

Is it apportioned? If not, it is not Constitutional.


I thought the tax issue was that it is not a tax on income of any sort…it is based on your income and taken with your income tax but is not a tax ON your income it is a tax on your inaction to use your income in a certain way


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thought this would be the most appropriate place to put this.


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Sorta on topic:

Family of 4 in Canada = $11,320 / yr -
Family of 4 in USA = $22,030 / yr -

This is apples to oranges though because there is so much more than price when it comes to comparing health care systems.