The official parking lot assholes thread

5.3? Ive read they feel slower than the 2.7.

Turbo 2.7k i4
Not bad for minvan speeds.

Does it count if you park in a driveway?

Edit: the tahoe lights really brightened up that pic.
$1 if anyone can tell me where this lot is.

I made an attempt, but don’t know the area that well. Goodrich road with a historical plaque somewhere…

ChatGPT 4 photo analysis:

The historical marker behind the car in the photograph you shared is likely the Clarence Center Marker. This marker commemorates the site of an early grist mill constructed in 1842 by Robert Brown, which was later operated by several individuals and eventually destroyed by fire in 1888. A residence was constructed on the site in 1939. The plaque was erected by the Historical Society of the Town of Clarence in memory of Daniel C. Fisher M.D. in 1975 oai_citation:1,Clarence Center Historical Marker.

The marker is located at the intersection of Goodrich Road and Brookside Drive in Clarence, New York, specifically at approximately 5900 Goodrich Road, Clarence, NY 14031, United States of America. It’s situated on the right when traveling south on Goodrich Road, about 100 ft. north of the intersection, and on the south side of Ransom Creek oai_citation:2,Clarence Center Historical Marker.


Chatgpt says:
No, ChatGPT doesn’t handle transactions or accept any form of payment, including cash. It’s a free service for users to interact with and get information or assistance.

Josh gets $.50 for trying.

Is gpt4 free?

GPT-4 is the paid version, but well worth the $20 a month.

Entitled cocksucker at my Orthopedic office this morning. Closest possible spot to the entrance…

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maybe mentally handicapped?

Take the valve core out :saluting_face:



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Dead center