The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


I assumed that’s the case. I was tired of loaning my money to the man so I brought up my exemptions.

edit - it sounds like you adjusted by a fixed value though.


Yeah, I made a fixed value adjustment. Not sure why you only saw an $8 increase if you made your adjustment based on exemptions.


I have my exemptions set so that my return is as close to $0 as possible :tup:


Not a meme…

Adam Schiff sent his staff to try and collect ‘classified materials for the FBI’ after Russian pranksters told him Putin has NAKED blackmail pictures of Trump

‘[Schiff] was pretty serious. He wrote all what we said on the paper. Remembered all the details,’ said Lexus.

Lexus said the congressman’s aide also followed up with them by email after the call and asked them to send the materials to the Ukrainian embassy so that one of Schiff’s staffers could pick up the documents.

The comedians claimed they would transfer the documents to Schiff through the Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. Valeriy Chaly.

Lexus and Vovan provided emails to the which appear to show Schiff’s staff discussing the documents after the call.


More strozk texts released. I’m addition to the one implicating Obama in all of this–

On Election Day 2016, Page wrote, “OMG THIS IS F***ING TERRIFYING.” Strzok replied, “Omg, I am so depressed.” Later that month, on November 13, 2016 Page wrote, “I bought all the president’s men. Figure I need to brush up on watergate.” The next day, Nov. 14, 2016, Page wrote, “God, being here makes me angry. Lots of high fallutin’ national security talk. Meanwhile we have OUR task ahead of us.”

No wonder the FBI is against releasing all of this. It’s a fucking embarrassment. Top officials in the FBI are openly discussing being against the president on government phones. Is this the best we have? #WorstSpooksEver


It’s pretty common knowledge that you don’t do stuff like that over electronic comms if you don’t want it on the front page of the news paper.


They obvioisly didn’t “brush up on watergate”.


The Onion is now more reliable than CNN…


Whats scary is how quick the mainstream media is to try and help with the cover-up. 30 years ago a reporter’s career would be made by releasing this type of information and now reporters careers are made by helping hide it. To me that’s more dangerous than any of the other stuff that’s going on


that is an interesting thought.

watergate was a different time.

today there are stories bigger than watergate multiple times a week. this whole russia collusion / memo bullshit is far worse than watergate but we’re just numbed to it.


Watergate was back when news was treated as a public service instead of a profit center.

^ That’s a great read. A quick except to get you interested enough to click the link…

Many current concerns about the news can be traced back to long-term changes that began as early as the 1960s and accelerated in the 1980s, when media companies were bought by large conglomerates and chains, and increasing media concentration became a progressively larger problem.


Even CNN has to admit Trump’s approval is on the rise and people are realizing the democrat’s BS about, “The tax cut for the rich” was in fact a bunch of BS as they watch their paychecks go up and bonus announcements and US reinvestment announcements come out daily.


Received my first paycheck post new tax tables. Check was >$60 more than usual and I don’t claim any allowances (for whatever reason I like getting a decent tax return).


Dems intentionally put sensitive material in their memo so MSM can run with “Trump blocks dem memo” headline.


It’s a good thing there are NYSpeeders such as yourself who have read the memo and can confidently put to rest these theories!


It’ll come out. Hopefully with the dems can work with the justice department & FBI to create a doc that doesn’t need any redaction.

I still want to see the affidavits.


I’ve heard a term to describe what you just posted an example of. I’m having a hard time placing my finger on it. Oh yeah! FAKENEWS.

Alternate headline if Trump allowed it’s release. “Trump allows release of dem memo despite warnings from DOJ”.

Gowdy discussing this exact topic on the 7th


Topics like this on Reddit…


i have had at least a dozen conversations with Canadians who did not know this.

All of the news is simply the negative, that only rich people get the savings. Little do people realize that anyone with a job is rich.